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The scientific-technical journal

It is the scientific-technical journal in English in Ukraine discussing actual problems of chemistry and chemical technology. Compared with other chemical journals Ch&ChT is publishing materials of both theoretical and practical values in such fields as analytical, general organic, physical and inorganic chemistry; chemistry of high molecular compounds; materials science and engineering; chemical kinetics and catalysis; technology of inorganic substances; technology of organic synthesis products; chemical technology of processing of combustible minerals; processes and apparatus of chemical and food productions; biotechnology and ecology.

Chemistry & Chemical Technology : [the scientific-technical journal] / Lviv Polytechnic National University ; editor-in-chief M. Bratychak. – Lviv : Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2011. – Volume 5, number 2. – P. 123–239, VII : ill.

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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2011Polypropylene/organophilic clay nanocomposites using metallocene catalysts through in situ polymerizationde Oliveira, Monica; de Fatima Marques, Maria
Article2011The overbased lubricating grease: regularities and peculiarities of propertiesKobylyansky, Evgen; Mishchuk, Oleg; Ishchuk, Yuri
Article2011Low energy consuming modified composite cements and their propertiesSanytsky, Myroslav; Sobol, Khrystyna; Shcturmay, Mychailo; Khymko, Olga
Article2011Low field nuclear magnetic resonance of structural alterations in coal tar pitch subjected to heat treatmentde Freitas, Luiz; Tavares, Maria; Michel, Ricardo
Article2011TPU/Mica composites prepared in torque rheometer: processability, mechanical properties and vorphologyEscocio, Viviane; Altstadt, Volker; Visconte, Leila; de Carvalho, Mariana; Nunes, Regina
Article2011Formation of chemical technology education and science in Lviv Polytechnic National UniversityYavorsky, Victor; Blagivskyi, Kostyantyn
Article2011Inhibition of 2-hexenal autooxidation by essential oils from clove bud, laurel, cardamom, nutmeg and maceMisharina, Tamara; Terenina, Margarita; Krikunova, Natalia
Article2011Reciprocal solubility of gasoline fractions and ethanolDutchak, Vasyl; Astakhova, Olena; Kvitkovsky, Leonid
Article2011Зміст до Chemistry & Chemical Technology. – 2011. – Volume 5, number 2.-
Article2011Thermodynamic properties of solutions of the acrylic acid in 1,2-dichloroethane and acetic acidSerheyev, Valentyn; Kos, Yuri; Van-Chin-Syan, Yuri
Article2011Nanostructures in cross-linked epoxy polymers and their influence on mechanical propertiesAmirshikhova, Zukhra; Kozlov, Georgiy; Magomedov, Gasan; Zaikov, Gennady
Article2011The NMR study of the latex extracted from Brosimum parinarioidesMiguez, Eduardo; Tavares, Maria
Article2011Functionalization of isobutylene oligomers and 1,2-polybutadiene with methyldiazoacetate in the presence of Cu(OAc)2-2,4-Lut-ZnCl2 catalytic systemSultanova, Rimma; Biglova, Raisa; Yangirov, Tagir; Dokichev, Vladimir; Zaikov, Gennady
Article2011Colloid removal from aqua media via magnetite-based reagentStepova, Nataliia; Kushka, Olexandr
Article2011Electric conductivity of polymer composites at mechanical relaxationAneli, Jimsher; Zaikov, Gennady; Mukbaniani, Omar
Article2011Diffusion behaviour of trivalent metal ions in aqueous solutionsRibeiro, Ana; Valente, Artur; Lobo, Victor
Article2011Composition and structure of coal organic mass. 2. Kinetic models of metamorphismBarsky, Vadim; Vlasov, Gennady; Rudnitsky, Andriy
Article2011Synthesis and characterization of oligoisoprene obtained in allyl alcohol solution in the presence of hydrogen peroxideBoiko, Vitaly; Grishchenko, Volodymyr; Fedoseev, Mikhail
Article2011Synthesis of 6-R-3-(2-aminophenyl)-2Н-1,2,4-thriazin-5-ones: resources and limitationsVoskoboynik, Alexey; Berest, Galina; Skorina, Dmitriy; Karpenko, Alexander; Kovalenko, Sergey
Article2011Peculiarities of osmium compounds interaction with some flavonoidsMykhalyna, Galyna; Vrublevska, Teodoziya
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21