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Article2011Study of mint extracts antioxidant activity by electrochemical methodsSazhina, Natalia; Misin, Vyacheslav; Korotkova, Elena
Article2011Зміст до Chemistry & Chemical Technology. – 2011. – Volume 5, number 1.-
Article2011Physical principles of the conductivity of electrical conducting polymer composites (review)Aneli, Jimsher; Zaikov, Gennady; Mukbaniani, Omar
Article2011Biodegradable polymers for food packaging – factors influencing their degradation and certification types – a comprehensive reviewGuzman, Agnieszka; Gnutek, Natalia; Janik, Helena
Article2011Statics and kinetics of ammonium nitrogen sorption on natural zeolite under periodic conditionsHumnytskyy, Yaroslav; Matsuska, Oksana
Article2011Iron molybdate catalyst stabilized by calcium oxide for methanol to formaldehyde conversionKostynyuk, Andrew; Nikolenko, Mykola
Article2011Kinetic regularities of high-sulphuric brown coal oxidative desulphurizationPysh’yev, Serhiy; Gunka, Volodymyr; Bratychak, Michael; Grytsenko, Yurij
Article2011Surface modification in aqueous dispersions with thermo-responsive poly(methylvinylether) copolymers in combination with ultrasonic treatmentBulychev, Nikolay; Kisterev, Edward; Ioni, Yulia; Confortini, Ondine; Du Prez, Filip; Zubov, Vitali; Eisenbach, Claus
Article2011Properties of multifunctional polymers – carbon black composite vaporSartore, Luciana; Sassi, Andrea; Barbaglio, Marzia
Article2011Cross-linking of epoxy-oligoesteric mixtures in the presence of fluorine-containing epoxy resinsBratychak, Michael; Kochubei, Victoria; Shust, Olena; Shyshchak, Oleh
Article2011To the memory of academician Myron Lozynskiy-
Article2011Epoxy-silica nanocomposites based on ethoxysilanes and diglycidyl ether of dicyclohexylpropaneZhyltsova, Svitlana; Mykhalchuk, Volodymyr; Platonova, Olga; Biloshenko, Victor
Article2011Influence of Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complex formation on interaction with model cellular membranesKhmars’ka, Liya; Kylyvnyk, Kostyantyn; Shtemenko, Olexandr
Article2011Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline nanofibres by rapid liquid-liquid interfacial polymerization methodKulkarni, Milind; Kale, Bharat; Apte, Sanjay; Naik, Sonali; Mulik, Uttam; Amalnerkar, Dinesh
Article2011Organic synthesis and characterization of electrically conducting poly(o-toluidine) doped with organic acidChabukswar, Vasant; Bhavsar, Sanjay; Horne, Amit
Article2011Conversion of C4 fraction of hydrocarbon pyrolysis products over ZVM+2 % Zn high-silica zeolite catalystBabyak, Ludmyla; Matsyak, Olexandra; Shevchuk, Vasyl
Article2011Constructional materials based on cross-linked polypropylene reinforced by modified basalt fibersChervakov, Denys; Bashtanyk, Petro; Burmistr, Mihail
Article2011International symposium “Research and education in innovation era”Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article2011Dependence of natural rubber swelling index upon organic solvents propertiesMakitra, Roman; Midyana, Halyna; Yevchuk, Iryna; Pal’chykova, Olena
Article2011Supercritical carbon dioxide swelling of polyheteroarylenes synthesized in N-methylpyrrolidinoneRonova, Inga; Nikitin, Lev; Tereschenko, Gennadii; Bruma, Maria
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