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Title: У міському просторі: життя і діяльність професора Б. С. Посацького
Other Titles: In urban space: life and work of professor Bogdan Posatskyy
Authors: Петришин, Г. П.
Affiliation: Національний університет “Львівська політехніка”
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Петришин Г. П. У міському просторі: життя і діяльність професора Б. С. Посацького / Г. П. Петришин // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". Серія: Архітектура. – 2016. – № 856. – С. 230–236. – Бібліографія: 8 назв.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Видавництво Львівської політехніки
Country (code): UA
Place of the edition/event: Львів
UDC: 016:712.00
Keywords: Богдан Посацький
міський простір
кафедра містобудування
Bohdan Posatsky
urban space
urban designe
urban planning
department of urban planning
Number of pages: 230–236
Abstract: Окреслено основні життєві віхи професора Б. С. Посацького та становлення його як видатної науково-педагогічної особистості. Оцінено його внесок у розвиток урбаністичної наукової теорії та науково-методичний доробок. Вказано роль професора Б. С. Посацького у формуванні наукової думки та практичної діяльності на розвиток міського простору. Bogdan Posatskyy was born in Rzeszów on June 19, 1942. In June, 1946, after the World War II, he and his family moved to the Lviv city. In 1959 Bogdan Posatskyy finished the high school № 8 and entered the Lviv Polytechnic Institute. In 1961 in Lviv Polytechnic Institute the full-time education and specialty “architecture” at the department of architectural design (then still a part of Engineering and Building Department) was restored. Architecture students were involved in the design of the new Polytechnic objects at Student Design Bureau (SDB). At this time the first educational building and new generation of student dormitories were intensively designed under the guidance of Professor O. I. Selastelnikov and Ptof. V. D. Sydorenko. In September, 1965, after graduation from Lviv Polytechnic Institute, Bogdan Posatskyy started to work as an architect in Lviv’s affiliate of the Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Agriculture under the guidance of an experienced architect A. I. Bahmatova, who was the graduate of Leningrad Academy of Arts. They were engaged in design of objects which had to supplement preferable the existing historically formed urban fabric of the city. In 1967 he entered the graduate school of Lviv Polytechnic Institute and defended his PhD thesis titled “Historical and architectural complexex in ensemble solving of modern cities (on example of the socialistic reconstruction of small and medium sized cities in the western regions of the USSR)”, under the guidance of PhD. A. M. Rudnuckyy. In 1972 he defended his PhD thesis in Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute. From 1970 Bogdan Posatskyy began his scientific and pedagogical work as assistant of architectural design department, which was the part of EBD. The Architectural Department at Lviv Polytechnic Institute was renewed in 1971, at the same time with Urban Planning Department. At the Urban Planning Department Posatskyy Bogdan went from assistant (1971–1975 years.), senior lecturer (1975–1978 years), associate professor (1978–1993 years.) to professor in 1993. In 2003 he was awarded the academic status: the professor of urban planning department. In 1972 Bogdan Posatskyy was admitted to the National Union of Architects of Ukraine. While working at the Urban Planning Department, Bogdan Posatskyy is constantly engaged in the scientific study of the problems of historical cities urban planning reconstruction of the western region, and highlights his vision in numerous articles and presentations at scientific conferences. In 1982 the associate professor Bogdan Posatskyy was elected as the Chair of Urban Planning Department and re-elected to this post in 1987. During the 1980 and early 1990s, the department staff was working on the state budget scientific theme “The problems of integrated management of the urban environment, the formation of urban development, planning and construction of residential and industrial areas.” At the same time in the 1986-1990 under the leadership of Bogdan Posatskyy the department had performed a complex target program of Ministry of Education of the USSR “Integrated development planning, development and improvement of the city”. The Department intensified its efforts with scientific personnel training. Under the direction of Bogdan Posatskyy the following PhD thesises were defended: I. Ya. Chernyak – “Architectural and planning organization of rural agricultural enterprises (on the example of the western region of the USSR)", graduate student from Syria M. Z. Malla – “Architecture and planning reconstruction of historical destricts of the largest Syria’s cities.”, in 2005 H. R. Kharchuk defended her thesis titled: “Formation of Truskavets architecture in the XIX – early XX century (on the example of resort buildings)”. From 1983–1989 at the Urban Planning Department the Research laboratory № 17 was acting under the scientific and methodological guidance of Bogdan Posatskyy. It performed the economic-contractual scientific themes commissioned by institutions and organizations. Bogdan Posatskyy understood the traditions of Lviv architectural school, which has always been known for advanced methods of teaching and he also was aware of the need to teach students in their native language. At the end of 1970 Bogdan Posatskyy begins to write and publicate the methodological literature, the most important one is tutorial “Urban Bases” wich was republished few times and won the recognition of educators and architects of ukrainian universities. The recognition of his outstanding contributions to Ukrainian architectural architectural education and science has been reflected in his election in 1994 as corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture. During the last decades he is considering a scientific problem of the mutual influence and the overall development of culture and urban structures of the second half of XX century in Western Ukraine. Certain steps of his work were published, particularly, in the Notes of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. The theoretical understanding of problem of the urban space and cultural phenomena interaction was highligheted in the following book: “The City Space and Urban Culture (at the turn of XX–XXI century), Lviv, 2007 and the fundamental collective monograph: “The architecture of Lviv city. “Time and style XIII–XXI c.”, Lviv, 2008. In 2011 Bogdan Posatskyy was honored by his election as a Fellow of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Architecture and Urban Planning Commission, because of his important and multifaceted contributions into the development of Ukrainian architectural science. After the proclamation of the Ukrainian independence, Bogdan Posatskyy was one of the first who started to cooperate with colleagues from architectural schools of Poland. From 1995 he is a member of the International Society of urban planning (UK). Since student years Bohdan Posatskyy has been involved in the architecture and landscape photography. Numerous official delegations and guests who have been visiting Lviv Polytechnic have been getting acquainted with the architecture of the main building of historical and architectural heritage and modernity of the city through the lectures and excursions of Bogdan Posatskyy. In 2016 for significant personal achievements in the development of independent Ukraine, Posatskyy Bogdan Stepanovych – Professor of Urban Planning Department of the Institute of Architecture of the Lviv Polytechnic National University was awarded by the President of Ukraine – with the anniversary medal “25 years of independence of Ukraine”.
Copyright owner: © Петришин Г. П., 2016
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