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Title: Voltage changes in electrical micro network with hybrid power plant
Authors: Varetsky, Yuriy
Horban, Vitalii
Affiliation: Lviv Polytechnic National University
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Varetsky Yu. Voltage changes in electrical micro network with hybrid power plant / Yuriy Varetsky, Vitalii Horban // Litteris et Artibus : proceedings of the 6th International youth science forum, November 24–26, 2016, Lviv, Ukraine / Lviv Polytechnic National University. – Lviv : Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, 2016. – P. 195–196. – Bibliography: 8 titles.
Conference/Event: Litteris et Artibus
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House
Country (code): UA
Place of the edition/event: Lviv
Keywords: renewable energy hybrid system
wind generator
photovoltaic panels
reactive power control
electrical network voltage variations
Number of pages: 195-196
Abstract: The paper presents the study results on renewable energy hybrid system within a micro grid which is tied to bulk power system. The voltage variations character has been analyzed considering mode of wind generator reactive power control. Optimal reactive power control requirements are shown in consideration of voltage variation mitigation.
References (International): [1] O. Ekren, and B.Y. Ekren, “Size optimization of a PV/wind hybrid energy conversion system with battery storage using response surface methodology”, Applied Energy, 85, pp.1086–1101, 2008. [2] R. Belu, and D. Koracin, “Statistical and Spectral Analysis of Wind Characteristics Relevant to Wind Energy Assessment Using Tower Measurements in Complex Terrain”, Journal of Wind Energy, Article ID 739162, pp.1-12, 2013. [3] J. Paska, P. Biczel, and M. K1os, “Hybrid power systems – An effective way of utilising primary energy sources”, Renewable Energy, 34, pp.2414– 2421, 2009. [4] Y.K. Juan, P. Gao, and J. Wang, “A hybrid decision support system for sustainable office building renovation and energy performance improvement”, Energy and Buildings, 42, pp.290–297, 2010. [5] P. Nema, R.K. Nema, and S. Rangnekar, “A current and future state of art development of hybrid energy system using wind and PV-solar”, A review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 13, pp.2096–2103, 2010. [6] Y. Ozaki, M. Miyatake, and D. Iwaki, “Power control of a stand-alone photovoltaic/ wind/ energy storage hybrid generation system with Maximum Power Point Tracker”, Int. Conf. on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS), pp.607-611, 2010. [7] I. S. Martín, and P. Sanchis, “Wind-photovoltaic hybrid systems design”, Int. Symposium on Power Electronics Electrical Drives Automation and Motion (SPEEDAM), pp.610-615, 2010. [8] Maity and S. Rao, “Simulation and pricing mechanism analysis of a solar-powered electrical microgrid”, IEEE Systems Journal, Vol. 4(3), pp.275–284, 2010.
Content type: Conference Abstract
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