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Title: Advantages of the petroleum system concept
Authors: Petruniak, Vasyl
Petrokushyn, Oleh
Affiliation: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Petruniak V. Advantages of the petroleum system concept / Vasyl Petruniak, Oleh Petrokushyn // Litteris et Artibus : proceedings of the 6th International youth science forum, November 24–26, 2016, Lviv, Ukraine / Lviv Polytechnic National University. – Lviv : Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, 2016. – P. 131–132. – Bibliography: 5 titles.
Conference/Event: Litteris et Artibus
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House
Country (code): UA
Place of the edition/event: Lviv
Keywords: hydrocarbon system modeling
geological model
geological survey
oil and gas windows
seismic inversion
Number of pages: 131-132
Abstract: Unique hybrid modeling technology of hydrocarbon migration allows to create a detailed high accuracy model, based on complex physical transformations. This technology assures the most accurate solution of the main modeling problem, dependency between the competence of geological record and inrush of the sealing horizon. It also far exceeds methods that are based on flow pattern of the fluid by Darcy’s law.
References (International): [1] L. Magoon and R. Sánchez, “Beyond the Petroleum System”, AAPG Bulletin, vol. 79, no. 12, 1992, pp. 1731–1736. [2] F. R. Montreal, “Modeling of the Petroleum System in the Reggane Basin, Algeria,” in 72nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition incorporating, Barcelona, Spain, SPE EUROPEC 2010, 14 June 2010. [3] A. Uffmann and R. Littke, “3D petroleum systems modelling of the North German Basin”, First break, vol. 29, no. 6, June 2011, pp. 49 – 63. [4] I. Ustenko, V. Petruniak and S. Vyzhva, ”Current views on the theory of hydrocarbon systems,” in Theoretical and applied aspects of geoinformatics, Kyiv, Ukraine, pp. 59-68, 2014. [5] N. Hyne, Nontechnical Guide to Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling and Production, 2nd ed., Tusla, Oklahoma, USA: Pennwell Books, p. 551 , 2001.
Content type: Conference Abstract
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