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Conference Abstract2016Influence of the refractories chemical composition onto opal glass furnace durabilityKhoruzhenko, Olena; Lykhyi, Vladyslav
Conference Abstract2016Legal regulation of social networksRadeiko, Roman
Conference Abstract2016The essence of valuable natural areas sensu stricto and sensu largoZielińska, Anetta
Conference Abstract2016Approaches for analysing activity efficiency of insurance companiesHeleta, Roman; Didukh, Oksana
Conference Abstract2016The peculiarities of studying in a coaching styleLepekh, Iryna; Protsak, Kateryna
Conference Abstract2016Creation of new antifriction materials from industrial wastesKuts, Yuliia
Conference Abstract2016Presentation of the selenoid mass distribution based on the impact of the ellipsoidal shape and rotating componentHaihel, Yuriy
Conference Abstract2016Application of alloyed industrial oil in friction units of power equipmentKovalenko, Tetiana; Serdiuk, Vitalii
Conference Abstract2016Voltage changes in electrical micro network with hybrid power plantVaretsky, Yuriy; Horban, Vitalii
Conference Abstract2016Diesel generator sets with pulse-width excitation controlSemeniuk, Mykola; Leskiv, Ihor
Conference Abstract2016The potential of labor training in primary school for formation pupils’ cross-cultural outlook and national self-consciousChernaya, Viktoria; Strukova, Svetlana
Conference Abstract2016Efficiency criterion of CFD-modelling for studying the ultrasonic flowmetersRoman, Vitalii; Matiko, Fedir
Conference Abstract2016Development of mathematical model of controlled plant using the obtained experimental dataFedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav; Savytskyi, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract2016Being old in a country with a large youth population: the case of TurkeyKiran, Elif
Conference Abstract2016Gender stereotypes in Turkish soap operasKiran, Elif
Conference Abstract2016Benefits of participation in the Erasmus Programme. Opinion of the Polish studentsGomeniuk, Olena
Conference Abstract2016Bulk metal matrix composite materials with nanoscale fillersShcheretskyi, Volodymyr; Zatulovskyi, Andriy
Conference Abstract2016The improvement of the existing land ownerships and land tenures by land exchange in UkraineBugaіenko, Olena
Conference Abstract2016Reliability evaluation of strengthened reinforced concrete members-
Conference Abstract2016Reconstruction of the international automobile control admission point of Bachivsk using modern GNSS equipmentZademlenyuk, Antonina; Hrytsaienko, Vitalii
Conference Abstract2016Advantages of the petroleum system conceptPetruniak, Vasyl; Petrokushyn, Oleh
Conference Abstract2016Synthesis of methacrylate monomers combined condensation of propionic acid and methylpropionate in the gas phaseLapychak, Nazariy; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Nebesnyi, Roman; Shatan, Anastasia-Bogdana
Conference Abstract2016Refugee crisis in Europe – a new challenge of the XXI centuryKopei, Yuliia
Conference Abstract2016Architectural and spatial organization and also criminology of the administrative districts in LvivHlavatskyi, Olexander
Conference Abstract2016Synthesis, porous structure and catalytic properties of mixed vanadium-titanium phosphates in aldol condensation reaction of acetic acid with formaldehydeNebesnyi, Roman; Shpyrka, Iryna; Sydorchuk, Volodymyr; Khalameida, Svitlana; Khalameida, Svitlana; Ivasiv, Volodymyr; Orobchuk, Oksana; Zavalii, Kateryna; Lapychak, Nazariy
Conference Abstract2016Architectural design and planning of Lviv Media Libraries: urban aspectKhymytsia, Olha
Conference Abstract2016Approbation of cavitation and flotation separation technology of heterogeneous liquid phase environmentsZnak, Zynoviy; Sukhatskiy, Yuriy; Zin, Olga; Mnykh, Roman
Conference Abstract2016The new way of wasted oils regenerationKorchak, B. O.; Chervinskiy, T. I.; Hrynyshyn, O. B.
Conference Abstract2016The research of the grain crops filtration dryingZakharkiv, Oleh; Kovalchuk, Andriy; Ivashchuk, Oleksandr; Mosiuk, Mykola; Atamanyuk, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract2016Personnel selection through Fuzzy ELECTRE I methodBaki, Rahmi
Conference Abstract2016Competence view and its implications for clusters analysis in turbulent environmentJaniszewski, Adam
Conference Abstract2016Trends of the future logistics in e-commerceFreyuk, Olga
Conference Abstract2016Comparative analysis of Ukrainian and international educational projectsBohun, Valeriya; Onyshkevych, Oleksandra
Conference Abstract2016Roper v simons as illustration of comparative constitutional interpretation problemsZabokrytskyy, Ihor
Conference Abstract2016Dissolution polydisperse solid phase in the gas-liquid flowDanylyuk, Oleh; Atamanyuk, Volodymyr; Halaniya, Oksana
Conference Abstract2016Effect of diesel-emitted nanostructured particles on the apparent surface rheology of model lung surfactantSosnowski, Tomasz R.; Penconek, Agata; Jabłczyńska, Katarzyna
Conference Abstract2016The active suffrage of minorsOrtynska, Nataly
Conference Abstract2016Creating cultural environment for Europe in a historical frameworkSarıguzel, Nedim
Conference Abstract2016Anthropology of criminal behavior in the European philosophy in the 16th -19th centuriesChornopyska, Victoriya; Harasymiv, Taras
Conference Abstract2016The relationship between organizational commitment and turnover intention “The Case of Regional Development Agencies”Aydin, Eray; Tasci, Mahmut Oral
Conference Abstract2016Sustainable development: socio-economic optimization for the innovation systemsGolovko, Liliya
Conference Abstract2016The notion and content of quality assurance of higher education in UkraineKhomyshyn, Irina
Conference Abstract2016Analysing online customer experience with tripadvisor: the case of KonyaAlper Ateş; Ceyhun Çağlar Kılınç; Halil Sunar
Conference Abstract2016Structure and properties of dielectric coatings based on fusible glass-ceramic materialsKovbasyuk, Taras; Klymko, Orest; Baziuk, Mychailo
Conference Abstract2016Combining RapidEye satellite images and forest inventory data for assesment of forest biomassMyroniuk, Viktor; Bilous, Andrii
Conference Abstract2016Solution refinement effectiveness of multi-grid accelerated, Cartesian grid based Navier Stokes solver on compressible and laminar flowsKara, Emre; Kutlar, Ahmet İhsan; Aksel, Mehmet Haluk
Conference Abstract2016Determination of the activation energy of the reaction of photosynthesis in chlorophyll synthesizing microalgaeDyachok, Vasyl; Katysheva, Viktoriia
Conference Abstract2016Ecological and economic foundations of air protection in the industrial city of Dnipropetrovsk regionTymoshenko, Lyubov; Us, Oleksandra
Conference Abstract2016Optimal litter composition for industrial poultry housesKanda, M.
Conference Abstract2016Research possibility of the previous cleanig of filtrates at Lviv landfill by an aeration methodSliusar, Vira; Sereda, Andriy; Malovanyy, Myroslav
Conference Abstract2016Biotechnological aspects of micropropagation of Salicaceae genus plantsBilous, Svitlana; Chornobrov, Oksana
Conference Abstract2016Analysis of the impact of Zaporizhia nuclear power plant on the environmentPohrebennyk, V.; Klochko, U.; Politylo, R.
Conference Abstract2016The simulation model of the trajectory of the point of contact of tool-workpiece during friction hardeningDmyterko, Petro; Novitskyi, Yurii
Conference Abstract2016Specific features of development of long-length tubular vibrating and transporting systemsShenbor, Vladyslav; Korendii, Vitalii; Brusentsov, Volodymyr; Brusentsova, Marta
Conference Abstract2016Effect of road surface equality on the driver's functional stateSotnikova, Anna
Conference Abstract2016Research of ferroresonance processes in 330 kV switchgear of Rivne NPPYatseyko, Andriy; Andrushko, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract2016Customer complaints - tip of the icebergKwiatkowski, Cezary
Conference Abstract2016The psychological characteristics of a modern manageress’ image formationKulyniak, Ihor; Ivashkiv, Yuliya
Conference Abstract2016Crisis affecting tourism relations between Turkey and RussiaCeyhun C. Kilinc; Alper Ates; Halil Sunar; Mustafa Coskuner
Conference Abstract2016The main directions of the use of the Internet resources in the social and humanitarian studiesHymytsia, Nataliya; Derkachova, Tetyana
Conference Abstract2016Development paradigms of modern museumsPanas, Nataliia
Conference Abstract2016Lexical borrowings as a means of conveying foreign concepts in Ukrainian mass mediaVozniak, Ihor
Conference Abstract2016Interactive methods in studying the history of ancient Greece and Rome with the students of "Museology and protection of cultural heritage" specialtyLyseyko, Yaroslav
Conference Abstract2016Translational peculiarities of foreign filmsMats, Andrii
Other2016Титульний аркуш до «Litteris et Artibus»-
Conference Abstract2016Time complexity of multipliers for Galois fieldsRahma, Mohammed Kadhim; Hlukhov, Valeriy S.
Conference Abstract2016New mixed perovskite RCo0.5Cr0.5O3 (R = Dy, Ho, Er) as a potential thermoelectric and sensory materialHreb, Vasyl; Vasylechko, Leonid; Prots, Yurii; Fitch, Andrew
Conference Abstract2016Production engineering and properties of low-energy masonry cementIvashchyshyn, Hanna; Kropyvnytska, Tetiana; Kotiv, Roman
Conference Abstract2016Literature scan in Turkey devoted to identify entrepreneurship levels among university studentsŞahin, Mehmet; Bedük, Aykut; Ateş, Alper
Conference Abstract2016Hierarchy of human values in architectureKovtun, Iuliia
Conference Abstract2016Modification of polypropylene melt-blown fibers by photopolimeryzation of acrylic acidWerner, Łukasz; Jackiewicz-Zagórska, Anna
Conference Abstract2016Flexural strength of autoclaved aerated concrete masonry subjected to out-of-plane horizontal Loading. Research aim, programme and methodologyVerba, Volodymyr; Fouad J. Ghattas; Ahmed Allam Fouad Okasha
Conference Abstract2016Ecological principales in design and operation of media librariesRumilets, Tatiana
Conference Abstract2016Reducing of energetic costs for drying process for candied pears productionAtamanyuk, Volodymyr; Huzova, Iryna; Patrii, Nataliia
Conference Abstract2016The study of swelling and solubility of crumb rubber in the medium of residual base oilNagurskyy, Andriy; Grynyshyn, Oleg; Khlibyshyn, Yuriy; Fedoriv, Ruslan
Conference Abstract2016Lines of further research of electromagnetic processes in transformers under the influence of network overvoltageNykonets, Alex
Conference Abstract2016Analysis of coke gas properties at operation of its metering systemsDzhyhyrei, Viktor; Matiko, Fedir
Conference Abstract2016Use of lignin as an alternative fuelKuznetsova, Marta
Conference Abstract2016The significance of institution in business model reconstruction – two approachesDziubińska, Agnieszka
Conference Abstract2016Economic aspects and business implications of widespread adoption of electronic commerce and transactionsKopets, Galyna; Rachynska, Galyna; Dzyubina, Kateryna
Conference Abstract2016Problems of regulatory-methodical support of diagnostics of financial conditions and the threat of bankruptcy of enterprises in conditions of European integrationMelnyk, Olha; Adamiv, Marta
Conference Abstract2016Chamber of Commerce and industry role in promoting the region’s economic potentialKharyakova, Iryna; Naumova, Natalya
Conference Abstract2016Determination of offenses among childrenLesko, Nataliya
Conference Abstract2016X, Y theories as sources for effective communication targetingNaumova, Natalya; Yevstihnieieva, Olena
Conference Abstract2016Assessment of the ecological state of water resources of Lviv city solid waste landfillPolitylo, R.; Koziy, S.
Conference Abstract2016Research of local deformation processes of the Dniester PSPP territory at 2010–2015Savchyn, Ihor; Vovk, Andriy; Vaskovets, Serhii
Conference Abstract2016Research of influence of wind on water jets while watering lawnsOrel, Vadym; Potsiurko, Natalia
Conference Abstract2016Technological process of cavitational water disinfectionKoval, Iryna
Conference Abstract2016Statistical comparison of the ratios of households with central heating between Tunceli province and Elazığ, Erzincan and Bingöl provincesDal, Murat
Conference Abstract2016Mathematical modeling of linear integration based on reverse formulasKozych, Anna
Conference Abstract2016Analysis of architectural influence factors on social spaces of shopping mallsBerezko, Olena
Conference Abstract2016Modeling of heterogeneous catalytic reduction process of aldehydesSkoretska, Ivanna; Beznosyk, Yuriy
Conference Abstract2016The operation mode of single-stage current transformer with open secondary circuitFerensovych, Roman
Conference Abstract2016Prospects for biogas – leaders' experience helps UkraineMuzychak, Andriy; Vlasenko, Mykhailo
Conference Abstract2016Analysis of the development of electronic commerce in international marketsPyroh, Olha; Horyachka, Anastasiya
Conference Abstract2016The problems of financial statement analysis as a basis for evaluation of the development opportunities of enterprisesPylypchuk, Tetyana; Onyshkevych, Oleksandra
Conference Abstract2016Safflower biodiesel blends with eurodiesel in common rail diesel engine exhaust emission effectÖzçelik, A. Engin; Acaroğlu, Mustafa; Aydoğan, Hasan
Conference Abstract2016Oxidation and nitriding tubes of Zr-1%Nb zirconium alloyTrush, Vasyl; Luk’yanenko, Alexander; Chvalbota, Volodymyr
Conference Abstract2016Environmental problems of soils during the liquidation Rozdil State Mining and Chemical Enterprise «Sirka»Pohrebennyk, Volodymyr; Dzhumelia, Elvira
Conference Abstract2016Danger pollution of the hydrosphere ammonium saltsMalovanyy, Myroslav; Petrushka, Kateryna
Results 1-100 of 192 (Search time: 0.033 seconds).