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Title: Проблеми банківського сектору України та шляхи їх вирішення
Other Titles: Problems of banking sector of Ukraine and the ways of their solution
Authors: Кара, Н. І.
Осідач, Р. Й.
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Кара Н. І. Проблеми банківського сектору України та шляхи їх вирішення / Н. І. Кара, Р. Й. Осідач // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". Серія: Менеджмент та підприємництво в Україні: етапи становлення і проблеми розвитку : збірник наукових праць. – 2015. – № 819. – С. 136–141. – Бібліографія: 8 назв.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Видавництво Львівської політехніки
Keywords: банківська система
відсоткова ставка
курс валют
banking system
interest rate
exchange rate
Abstract: Проаналізовано інформацію щодо проблематики банківського сектору України. Опрацьовано останні публікації та дослідження із урахуванням останніх індексів та показників банківського сектору та економіки загалом. Виконано фундаментальний аналіз основних проблем, що найбільше впливають на дестабілізацію банківської системи нашої держави, ділової активності та економіки загалом. Наведено економічні показники та факти, що засвідчують важливість ситуації та тісний кореляційний зв’язок з економікою. Сформовано методичні підходи до вирішення цих проблем та окреслено можливі перспективи. In this article the problems of the banking sector of Ukraine are analyzed. Recent publications and research on the recent indices and indicators of the banking sector and economy are processed. A fundamental analysis of the main problems that have the greatest impact on the destabilization of the banking system of our country, business activity and the economy as a whole is made. An economic indicators and facts that prove the importance of the situation and close correlation with the economy are presented. Methods for solving these problems and their prospects are formed. Developed and stable banking system is important for enterprises’ functioning and economics as a whole. In banking activity there a lot of problems in our country such as: high interest rates for loans and deposits; many banks where inexpediently to make financial sanitation and and restructuring of debts; an incompatible structure of assets and liabilities of banks; incomprehensible policy as for the courses of foreign currencies. Contradictions of development and activity of banking system of Ukraine and other countries were described in the scientific and research works such scientists as M. Kolodizeva, Y. Golikov, O. Lavrushin, A. Tavasiyeva and others. Banking system is very dynamic and it is changing almost every day, that is why it needs a lot of review and taking into account new data. In Ukraine there always was the high level of inflation, but nevertheless after world financial crisis in 2008–2009 its level was getting less. Unfortunately, National Bank of Ukraine reduced interest rates far rare than grivna’s inflation level was diminished. In the process of interest rate forming, the risk is very important. In fact, in Ukraine there are such kinds of risk, as inflation risk, business risk and credit risk. Because of these risks the bank in this situation will increase interest rates in order to avoid losses. One of the main structural problems in Ukrainian economy is frequent bankruptcy of banks. It has place because of too liberal position of National Bank of Ukraine. Recently to open bank could allow any middle-level businessman. The banks sometimes show fictitious losses in order to receive money for refinancing from National Bank. Afterwards these banks with money from National Bank of Ukraine enter the currency market and buy currency. It results in increase of foreign currency’ courses and afterwards the bank gives refinancing the same banks again. These banks don’t execute their main functions to give credits or maintain and increase money of depositors. The banking system must be auxiliary sphere that provides accumulation of money and their transfer into investments and as a result the economy will grow. Unfortunately, in Ukraine most of the banks do not help development of economy. Providing low interest rates motivates business development. That is why National Bank of Ukraine activity has to be concentrated on following the rules of banking system functioning not on making obstacles. Clear currency policy which is based on demand and supply would help to increase export.
Content type: Article
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