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It is the scientific-technical journal in English in Ukraine discussing actual problems of chemistry and chemical technology. Compared with other chemical journals Ch&ChT is publishing materials of both theoretical and practical values in such fields as analytical, general organic, physical and inorganic chemistry; chemistry of high molecular compounds; materials science and engineering; chemical kinetics and catalysis; technology of inorganic substances; technology of organic synthesis products; chemical technology of processing of combustible minerals; processes and apparatus of chemical and food productions; biotechnology and ecology.

Chemistry & Chemical Technology : [the scientific-technical journal] / Lviv Polytechnic National University ; editor-in-chief M. Bratychak. – Lviv : Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015. – Volume 9, number 2. – P. 131–260, V : ill.

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Other2015Зміст до "Chemistry & Chemical Technology" Volume 9, number 2-
Article2015Thermodynamic properties of solutions of ethacrylic acid in acetonitrile and acetic acidSerheyev, Valentyn; Kos, Yuriy; Van-Chin-Syan, Yuriy
Article2015Electro-optical properties in thin films of new azobenzene polymersKrupka, Oksana; Smokal, Vitaliy; Studzinsky, Sergey; Davidenko, Nikolay; Biitseva, Angelina
Article2015Controlled synthesis of nanosized polyaniline via unstirred, liquid-liquid interfacial polymerization processThorat, Sangita; Kulkarni, Milind; Thorat, Gaurav
Article2015Flame-retardant polymer composites on the basis of modified magnesium hydroxideShevchuk, Oleh; Wagenknecht, Udo; Wiessner, Sven; Bukartyk, Natalya; Chobit, Maxym; Tokarev, Viktor
Article2015Enzymatic catalysis of hydrocarbons oxidation “in vitro” (review)Zeynalov, Eldar; Nagiev, Tofik
Article2015Metal matrix micro- and nanostructural composites (review)Kosnikov, Gennadiy; Figovsky, Oleg; Eldarkhanov, Adnan
Article2015Two-stage conversion of glycerol into propylene glycol over Cu/Al2O3 catalystSharanda, Mykhailo; Sontsev, Vladyslav; Bondarenko, Evgeniya; Brei, Volodymyr
Article2015Theoretical analysis of granules movement hydrodynamics in the vortex granulators of ammonium nitrate and carbamide productionArtyukhov, Artem; Sklabinskyi, Vsevolod
Article2015Structure and characteristics of composite carbon-ceramic coatings for cathodes of contemporary chemical current sourcesPinchuk, Sofia; Levko, Elena; Domanskiy, Ievgen
Article2015Investigation of phase separation processes for bioactive glasses in Na2О–CаO–ZnO–TiO2–ZrO2–Al2O3–B2O3–P2O5–SiO2 systemSavvova, Oksana; Babich, Elena
Article2015Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of products obtained via anionarylation of acrylic and metahcrylic acids amides and nitriles by 5-carboxyphenylene-1,3-bisdiazonium saltsYatsyuk, Vitaliy; Pokryshko, Olena; Yaniv, Zoriana; Tulaidan, Galyna; Baranovskyi, Vitaliy; Klymnyuk, Sergiy; Grishchuk, Bogdan
Article2015The influence of polystyrene modifier and plasticizer nature on the properties of poly(vinyl chloride)Levytskyj, Volodymyr; Laruk, Yuriy; Humenetsky, Taras; Sikora, Janusz
Article2015Research of the radioactive and physico-chemical characteristics of thermal ground waters in the Slovak Republic and Transcarpathian region, UkraineBystrevska, Kseniia; Pidlisnyuk, Valentina; Aschenbrenner, Stefan
Article2015Chemical treatment of natural malva fibers and preparation of green composites with poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)de Oliveira, Priscila; Marques, Maria
Article2015Innovative method for reduction of mild steel corrosion in water by activated carbon from Ocimum TenuiflorumZulfareen, Nasarullah; Kannan, Kulanthi; Venugopal, Thiruvengadam
Article2015Prospective of glass powder as active additive to Portland cementShevchenko, Viktor; Kotsay, Galyna
Article2015Rheological behavior of montmorillonite water suspensions in the presence of surfactantsSikorsky, Oleksiy; Myronyuk, Oleksiy; Svidersky, Valentyn
Article2015Study on solubility of surfactants in water by fiber optic spectrophotometerNagy, Roland; Sallai, Rubina; Bartha, Laszlo; Vago, Arpad
Article2015High performance liquid chromatographic determination of bupropion using H-clinoptilolite as a sorbent for plasma and urine purificationHalkevych, Iryna; Ivanauskas, Liudas; Bidnychenko, Yuriy; Barsteigiene, Zita
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22