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Article2013The Problems and the Prospects of Global Renewable Energy Market GrowthLytvyn, Iryna
Article2013The role of culture as a stimulator of transforming industrial cities into creative ones. Case study of Lodz, PolandSokołowicz, Mariusz E.; Zasina, Jakub
Article2013Modernization as a Process of Change Management in OrganizationLushchak, Nadiia; Bespalyuk, Khrystyna
Article2013Optimizing the sales planning process of automotive companiesYurynets, Oksana; Tomyuk, Olesya
Article2013Corporative culture of higher educational establishment - means of identification in educational services marketTarasiuk, Liudmyla; Lishchyna, Valerii
Article2013Social enterprise in UkraineDubyk, Kateryna; Pozniakova, Olena
Article2013Ukraine’s renewable energy potential as promising investment areaSivitska, Svitlana
Article2013The economic growth of the ukrainian economy: the role of natural resource potentialPopova, Olga
Article2013The development of post-crisis domestic machine-building industryTrevogo, Olеna; Shvetsova, Myroslava
Other2013Титульний аркуш до «Економіка і менеджмент»-
Article2013Business evaluating: problems of risks accountingSvistun, Ludmila; Sivitska, Svitlana
Article2013The personnel management of a hotelBarchan, Victoria; Zhiratkov, Oleg
Article2013The object-oriented program management approach applying in machine-building enterprises activityUkrainets, Andrii
Article2013Aspects of Infrastructure Agricultural Market Development in UkraineKulish, Tetyana
Article2013Development of innovative personnel at domestic enterprisesProtsak, Keteryna; Prosovych, Olga
Article2013Risk Management in Logystics ChainsButrin, Andrey; Vikulov, Vladimir
Article2013Aspests of price formation in agricultural marketingLegeza, Dar’ya
Article2013Methods of regional innovative clusters forming and development programs elaborationMarchuk, Olha
Article2013Concerning the etymology and the essence of diffusion of innovationsVankovych, Lyubomyr
Article2013Project communications management and distribution information in projects of environmental and geophysical safety of engineering structures from hazardUrsuliak, Pavlo
Article2013Interrelations of the entities, that form and manage share institutions with joint investmentsOleksiv, Ihor; Shpakovych, Iryna
Article2013The distribution of economic profit between logistics system participants while transporting cargo by road and railOlkhova, Maria
Article2013The Adapting of an Enterprise Organizational Management Structure to AlterationsVilhutska, Roksolana
Article2013Innovative business model as a source of competitive advantage for high-tech marketsDemkiv, Yaryna
Article2013Using the synergistic principles for economic development managementRomanova, Tatiana
Article2013Management of Company's Strategic Changes on the Basis of Its System DiagnosticsGagarinov, Aleksey; Kobzev, Petr; Kotliar, Alona
Article2013International evaluation of economic development of national economiesPyrog, Olga
Article2013External State Debts and their Impact on Economic SecurityBidenko, Andriy; Galushko, Olena
Article2013Contents of organizational and administrative changes and its enterprise implementationLisovuch, Taras
Article2013The necessity of the implementation of business processes reengineering in machine-building enterprises of UkraineGvozd, Maryana
Article2013Innovative strategies on B2B marketPeresadko, Galina; Kupetska, Alina
Article2013The essence and peculiarities of the development of industrial marketing in UkraineShkvyrya, Natalya
Article2013Analysis of franchising activity in UkraineNaychuk-Khrushch, Marta; Ploska, Anna
Article2013Actual Risks In the International Tourist ActivityBednarska, Olha; Kulynyak, Ihor
Article2013The role of pawnshops in the loan market: Ukrainian and foreign experienceShkvarchuk, Liudmyla; Vitalii, Hamalii
Article2013Impact of global financial crisis on the economy of UkraineTurko, Vasyl; Mukan, Andriy
Article2013The characteristic of marketing macro environment of European developing countries and Ukraine for company's marketing activityPeresadko, Galina; Bakastov, Ihor
Article2013Factors influencing corporate governance in Ukrainian companiesAfanasieva, Larysa
Article2013Financial Provision of Oil and Gas Complex as Foreground Direction of Ukraine’s Economy DevelopmentKostenko, Yevgenii; Topol, Vladyslav
Article2013Predicting of Ukrainian Horticulture Market DevelopmentSokil, Yana
Article2013Мanifestations of sexism in advertisingPeresadko, Galina; Freyuk, Olga
Article2013Perspectives of Ukrainian Mechanical Engineering DevelopmentDyrda, Evgenia; Schepetkova, Anastasiya; Galushko, Olena
Article2013Anticipatory management of enterprises on the basis of weak signalsMelnyk, Olga; Adamiv, Marta
Article2013Scientific and methodological approaches to the evaluation of innovation development strategy of post officesKrupska, Viktoriya
Article2013Organizational flexibility estimationKomarynets, Sofia
Article2013Marketing Strategy Effectiveness in the System of Value-Based ManagementKoval, Zorjana
Other2013Зміст до «Економіка і менеджмент»-
Article2013Building of a System of Market Situation Indicators which Reflects the Development of the Interbank MarketZelenska, Maryna
Article2013Objectives Of Educational Sponsorship as a Marketing Communication Tool and Its Application at the Sate Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic/ SOCARAbutalibov, Rasim; Guliyev, Seymur
Article2013Methods of professional recruitment in agrarian companiesDidur, Catherine
Article2013Features of Ukrainian Railway Pricing PolicyOstapenko, Mykyta; Zhezhera, Anastasiya; Galushko, Olena
Article2013«Bear» exchange traded funds as the innovative investment and hedging instrument for the Ukrainian equity marketRoiko, Igor
Article2013Social capital in fostering the creativity of a city Assessment of the role of social networking sites in the diffusion of knowledge in a cityKina, Ewelina; Przygodzki, Zbigniew
Article2013Investing in education as direction of development of human capitalMakhnovets, Nina; Pozniakova, Olena
Article2013Formation of the System of Internal Factors of Investment Attractiveness of the Bank as an Object of M&AYaremenko, Nataliia
Article2013Analysis of investment activity of Ukrainian commercial banksShevchenko, Nataliia
Article2013Theoretical Aspects and Basic Tendencies of the Investment Activities of Ukrainian BanksSavchenko, Tetiana
Article2013Budgetary potential and budget planning systemZhebchuk, Roman
Article2013Stock Market in Ukraine: modern trends and problems of developmentFurdychko, Lubov; Yurkiv, Khrystyna
Article2013Prospect of Ukrainian large enterprises investments growth due the program for development of pension funds' elaboratingKulinich, Tetyana; Zhayvoronok, Illya
Article2013Tax incentives for investment support of production restructuring of enterprisesKryvetskyi, Ihor; Muzhelyak, Myroslava
Article2013Problems of IT startups’ development in UkraineMrykhina, Oleksandra
Article2013Investment in fixed assets as a basis for improving the competitiveness of meat and dairy products agricultural enterprisesLozynska, Inna; Danko, Yury
Article2013Prediction of social development in machine-building companiesIvanytska, Natalya
Article2013Private pension system in Ukraine: its advantages and disadvantagesKondrat, Iryna; Malets, Oksana
Article2013Basic requirements for assessing the financial condition of auto transport enterpriseKrochuk, Veronika; Kovalchuk, Kateryna
Article2013The Theoretical Aspects Of Foreign Economic ActivityChernysh, Iryna; Haricheva, Svitlana
Article2013Innovative costs: nature and classification featuresGvozdiu, Svitlana
Article2013Prediction of social development in machine-building companiesKnyaz, Sviatoslav; Holyavka, Lilya
Article2013Methodology of analysis of the enterprise’s financial conditionChubai, Volodymyr
Article2013Country risk in Greece, Spain and Turkey: Measurement and Policy Implications – an Application of the Fink Country Scoring ModelHaiss, Peter; Schicklgruber, Bernd
Article2013Integral indicator of enterprise developmentShyshkovskyi, Serhii
Article2013Normative legal regulation of forming and accounting reserves of the enterprisePylypenko, Lubomyr; Demska, Yulia
Article2013Estimation of economic sustainability of the enterprise: the evaluation methodsHlushko, Oleh
Article2013Cost Management in the Industrial Enterprises EconomyBieliaieva, Nataliia
Article2013Legal regulation of period cost in accountingBoychuk, Tetyana
Article2013European approaches for investment regulation in UkraineLayko, Oleksandr
Article2013Investment and innovation attractiveness of UkraineBortnik, Katerina; Zhovtanetska, Oksana
Article2013Investment and innovation activities of the Lviv regionVitko, Iryna; Zhovtanetska, Oksana
Article2013Strengthening of the local budget of Lviv region by the non-tax revenuesChushak-Goloborodko, Anna; Stadnyk, Tetiana
Article2013Generalization of typology of national technology transfer centersZhurakovska, Maryana; Kravets, Anna; Shvets, Maryan
Results 1-81 of 81 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).
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