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The scientific-technical journal

It is the scientific-technical journal in English in Ukraine discussing actual problems of chemistry and chemical technology. Compared with other chemical journals Ch&ChT is publishing materials of both theoretical and practical values in such fields as analytical, general organic, physical and inorganic chemistry; chemistry of high molecular compounds; materials science and engineering; chemical kinetics and catalysis; technology of inorganic substances; technology of organic synthesis products; chemical technology of processing of combustible minerals; processes and apparatus of chemical and food productions; biotechnology and ecology.

Chemistry & Chemical Technology : [the scientific-technical journal] / Lviv Polytechnic National University ; editor-in-chief M. Bratychak. – Lviv : Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014. – Volume 8, number 4. – P. 371–485, V : ill.

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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2014Report from POLYCHAR 22Brostow, Witold
Article2014Professor Victor Yavorsky – 45 years head of the departmentKalymon, Yaroslav; Kunty, Orest; Znak, Zenovij
Article2014Hydrodinamics modeling of gas separator inertial and filter elements for natural gas fine cleaningSklabinskyy, Vsevolod; Liaposhchenko, Oleksandr; Logvyn, Andrey; Al-Rammahi, Mustafa
Article2014Mechanisms of gas-coal thermal preparation in electromagnetic fieldStarovoit, Anatoly; Chemerinskii, Michael; Malyi, Eugene
Article2014Desulphurization and usage of medium-metamorphized black coal. 2. Desulphurized coal used as an additive for the production of special types of cokePrysiazhnyi, Yuri; Pyshyev, Serhiy; Kochubey, Viktoria; Miroshnichenko, Denis
Article2014Analysis of structure formation peculiarities during hydration of oil-well cement with zeolitic tuff and metakaolin additivesSobol, Khrystyna; Blikharskyy, Zinoviy; Petrovska, Nadiya; Terlyha, Volodymyr
Article2014Kinetics of langbeinite conversion into schenite in the presence of mirabilite, sylvine and waterArtus, Maria; Kostiv, Ivan
Article2014The influence of electrical discharge nonlinear bulk cavitation on the structural and chemical changes in water during the wool fiber bleachingSemeshko, Olga; Saribekova, Julia; Asaulyuk, Tatiana; Myasnikov, Sergey
Article2014Compatibіlization of polymeric composition filled with ground tire rubber – short reviewFormela, Magdalena; Haponiuk, Jozef; Jasinska-Walc, Lidia; Formela, Krzysztof
Article2014Comparative studies on physico-chemical properties of indium sulfide films deposited under different deposition conditions by chemical bath depositionBansode, Sanjay; Kapadnis, Ramesh; Wagh, Vasant; Kale, Sampat; Pathan, Habib
Article2014Mechanism and kinetic regularities of inactivating effects of cavitation on microorganismsVitenko, Tetyana; Gashchyn, Olga
Article2014Scanning electron microscopic characterization of iron-gall inks from different tannin sources – applications for cultural heritageda Costa, Antonio; Correa, Fernanda; Sant’Annа, Gustavo; de Carvalho, Sheyla; dos Santos, Fernanda; Lutterbach, Marcia
Article2014Direct synthesis of cuprum(II) complex compounds based on thioamide ligandsRanskiy, Anatoliy; Didenko, Natalia
Article2014Impact of microwave energy and leuconate hardener on the adhesive joint strengthMedvid, Olesya; Kozar, Oksana; Oliynykova, Valentina
Article2014Effect of the low-molecular additives nature on the adhesive properties of based on polyvinylpirolidone compositionsSuberlyak, Oleh; Bratychak, Mykhailo; Zemke, Victoria; Chopyk, Natalia
Article2014Study of aromatic and terpenic hydrocarbons catalytic cooligomerization regularitiesGnativ, Zoriana; Nykulyshyn, Irena; Rypka, Anna; Voronchak, Taras; Pikh, Zorian
Article2014Synthesis of bioactive folate-ferrocene conjugateMakeieva, Liudmyla; Gladyr, Iryna; Rozhnova, Rita; Galatenko, Nataliia
Article2014The influence of chemical structure of chromophore on polymerization of methacrylic azomonomersNadtoka, Oksana; Syromyatnikov, Volodymyr
Article2014Synthesis and electrooptical properties of side-chain polymethacrylates and polycomplexes containing azobenzene moieties with different length spacersSavchenko, Irina
Article2014Electrical and electrochemical properties of Li[Ni0.5 Co0.25 Mn0.25]O2 cathode materialGodavarthi, Prathibha; Pitcheri, Rosaiah; Bommireddy, Purusottam Reddy; Kapu, Sivajee Ganesh; Obili, Mahammad Hussain
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21