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Tytuł: До проблеми трактування національно-визвольного опору українців в роки Другої світової війни
Authors: Конюхов, С. В.
Cytat: Конюхов С. В. До проблеми трактування національно-визвольного опору українців в роки Другої світової війни / С. В. Конюхов // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". – 2014. – № 784 : Держава та армія. – С. 181–187. – Бібліографія: 44 назви.
Data wydania: 2014
Wydawca: Видавництво Львівської політехніки
Słowa kluczowe: Організація українських націоналістів
національно-визвольний опір
the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists
nationalist resistance
Abstract: Проаналізовано відомі праці сучасних істориків та розглянуто позиції авторів щодо опору українців окупаційним режимам у роки Другої світової війни. Відзначені основні проблеми, що впливали на трактування національно-визвольного опору українців у роки Другої світової війни. Окреслено напрямки національно-визвольного опору. The suggested scientific survey proves that even today among scholars and historians there is certain disagreement in evaluating Ukrainian resistance to the occupation regime during the Second World War. This conclusion is based on the analyzed works by modern historians. In Soviet times, historians actively covering events of war drew attention to the tactics and strategy, to the heroism of the people who survived the war, to the crimes of German occupants (nazis). The historiography of the period of the soviet times is full of studies of the role and experience of the communist party in the struggle for the victory over the enemy. The participation of OUN and UPA in the operations is not meant in this literature at all. At the same time, the Soviet Army’s errors were ignored, the repressive and punitive system of Soviet authorities was not taken into consideration, the participation in Second World War of UPA and OUN in the Second World War was considered only in negative terms. Among the important peculiarities of the current historiography there is promotion and democratization of researching the events of the Second World War, diversification and expansion of their subjects. Thorough disclosure of the causes and peculiarities of resistance of Ukrainians to the occupation regime is one of the main directions of modern historical research. In modern historiography, this problem is of great importance. The works of K. Kondratyuk, O. Sukhyi, V. Stetskevych, I. Patyrlyak, V. Vyatrovych, W. Kosyk, W. Shaykan, M. Lytvyn, M. Koval and other historians formed historiographical tradition of researching this important and relevant scientific and political problem. The researchers have put in scientific use a considerable amount of little-known and unknown documents from national and foreign archives.. Some scientists exploring areas of national liberation resistance in the years of 1939-1945 are focusing on the fight of UPA against the Soviet totalitarian regime. Other researchers are focused on Ukrainian-Polish confrontation, the third ones are observing the opposition to the German occupation regime. In all the analyzed works the opinion is stated that the Ukrainian nationalist resistance during the Second World War was very powerful. Its task of it was to defend the interests of its nation. It is encouraging that in the analyzed Polish history works the facts are presented objectively and unbiased. The authors try to present a clear and accessible the material on the events of the past in a clear and accessible way, and in this context they offer the information about the Ukrainian nationalist resistance during the Second World War.
Typ zawartości: Article
Występuje w kolekcjach:Держава та армія. – 2014. – №784

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