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Title: Piracy in Somalia and the Horn of Africa: politics and reality and challenges
Other Titles: Піратство в Сомалі і Африканському Розі: політика, реалії та проблеми
Authors: Soltan, Mohamed
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Soltan M. Piracy in Somalia and the Horn of Africa: politics and reality and challenges / Mohamed Soltan // Гуманітарні та соціальні науки : матеріали IIІ Міжнародної конференції молодих вчених HSS-2011, 24–26 листопада 2011 року, Львів, Україна / Національний університет "Львівська політехніка". – Львів : Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2011. – С. 144–147. – (3-й Міжнародний молодіжний фестиваль науки "Litteris et Artibus"). – Bibliography: 16 titles.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Видавництво Львівської політехніки
Keywords: Maritime security
maritime piracy
maritime terrorism
Abstract: In this research I will concentrate on the problem of marine piracy and marine terrorism, as the experts predicted the increase of marine attacks terroristic. The sea is the open arena where terroristic groups can execute their objectives via pirates who are hijacking ships and smuggling of persons, explosives and chemical and biological weapons. The importance of this study stems form the importance of marine terrorism as this phenomenon becomes the future danger that all countries will have to face it and confront all illegal actions related to it such as illegal trade and illegal immigration. Marine piracy is considered one of the greatest crimes through borders and it has dangerous effect on the interests of all countries as it causes damages to public and private properties and threats the world trade the matter which entails the cooperation of the international society to face it.
Content type: Article
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