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Title: Modification of track etched fluorinated films by radiation induced graft copolymerization
Other Titles: Модифікація флуорвитравлених плівок радіаційно індукованою прищепленою кополімеризацією
Authors: Rattan, Sunita
Kaur, Inderjeet
Gupta, Nitika
Avasthi, Devesh Kumar
Tripathi, Ambuj
Khan, Saif Ahmad
Bibliographic description (Ukraine): Modification of track etched fluorinated films by radiation induced graft copolymerization / Sunita Rattan, Inderjeet Kaur, Nitika Gupta, Devesh Kumar avasthi, Ambuj Tripathi, Saif Ahmad Khan // Chemistry & Chemical Technology. – 2009. – Volume 3, number 2. – P. 123–128. – Bibliography: 41 titles.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University
Keywords: poly(vinyl fluoride)
swift heavy ions
track etched membranes
radiation grafting
швидкі важкі йони
радіаційне прищеплення
Abstract: With the aim of improving the basic characteristics of Track Etched Membranes (TEMs), functionalization by graft copolymerization has been attempted in the present work. Thin films (25 ?m) of poly(vinyl fluoride) (PVF) (Tedlar)were irradiated by swift heavy ions (110 MeV Si 8+ ). The irradiated films were chemically etched to form latent tracks. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) was used to ascertain the formation of latent tracks. Irradiation effects were studied using UVvisible spectroscopic techniques. The tracks were functionalized by gamma radiation induced grafting with 4-vinyl pyridine (4-VP). In order to anticipate the best grafting conditions, percentage of grafting was studied as a function of various reaction conditions such as (i) total dose, (ii) monomer concentration and (iii) amount ofwater. Maximum percentage of grafting (13.66 %) was obtained at a total dose of 57.024 kGy using 2 ml of 4-VP in 10 ml of water. The grafted films were characterized by FTIR technique. В роботі вивчена можливість покращення основних характеристик ТЕМ-мембран функціоналізацією в наслідок прищепленої кополімеризації. Тонкі плівки (25μм) полівінілфториду (ПВФ) були опромінені швидкими важкими йонами (110МеVSi8+). Опромінені плівки хімічно витравлювали до утворення патентних слідів. Прищеплені плівки охарактеризовано за допомогою Фур'є-спектроскопії.
Content type: Article
Appears in Collections:Chemistry & Chemical Technology. – 2009. – Vol. 3, No. 2

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