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article2009Construction and characterisation of double layer capacitorsStević, Zoran; Rajčić-Vujasinović, Mirjana; Bugarinović, Sanja; Dekanski, Aleksandar
article2009Radiation colouring of optical materials: crystals and optical glasses under _ – irradiationBezrodnyi, V. I.; Khodakovskiy, V. N.; Negriyko, A. M.; Negriyko, A. M.; Rogutskii, I. S.; Udovitska, O. G.
article2009Low-loss microwave dielectrics for different frequency regionsBelous, A.; Ovchar, O.
article2009Photoelasticity of CaWO4 crystalsMytsyk, B.; Kost’, Ya.; Kovtun, R.; Andrushchak, A.; Solskii, I.
article2009Electromagneto-optical effect in ferrimagnetic/piezoelectric structureKalenichenko, A. A.; Koronovskyy, V. E.
article2009Induced optical absorption of the Gd3Ga5O12 crystal irradiated by high energy 235U ionsPotera, P.; Ubizskii, S.; Sugak, D.; Schwartz, K.
article2009Temperature sensitive spinel-type ceramics in thick-film multilayer performance for environment sensorsHadzaman, I.; Klym, H.; Shpotyuk, O.; Brunner, M.
article2009The current phenomenon in the indium-tin oxidealignment layer-liquid crystal structureMykytyuk, Z.; Fechan, A.; Sushynsky, O.; Yasynovska, O.; Kotsun, V.
article2009Thermodynamic of intercalation of nanosized TiO2 with structural defectsGrygorachak, I.; Myronyuk, I.; Micov, M.; Pidluzhna, A.; Ostapuk, O.
article2009Comparison of sorption ability of alive and dried yeasts S. Cerevisiae for purification of waste waters under mechanical stirringGorobets, S. V.; Kolesnyk, M. M.
article2009Synthesis and phase formation in the flux system K2O–P2O5–Nb2O5–MoO3Odinets, E.; Babaryk, A. A.; Slobodyanik, N. S.; Baumer, V. N.
article2009NMR in impurity charge-ordering manganitesLeskova, J. V.; Nikiforov, A. E.; Gonchar, L. E.; Popov, S. E.; Mozhegorov, A. A.
article2009Effect of the impurities in substrates ZnSe on properties isovalent substituted layers ZnOMakhiy, V. P; Slyotov, M. M.; Khusnutdinov, S. V.
article2009Phase diagrams of the systems Al2O3–Zr(Hf)O2–Ln(Y)2O3 as guide for constructing new oxide materialsLakiza, S. M.; Tyschenko, Ja. S.; Lopato, L. M.
article2009Liquid phase epitaxy: a beneficial method for development of phosphors based on single crystalline films of oxide compoundsZorenko, Yuriy
article2009Ionic-hole mechanism evolution of colour centres in radiation- colour crystals of fluorite structureKachan, S. I.; Chornyi, Z. P.; Salapak, V. M.; Dubelt, S. P.; Pirko, I. B.
article2009Radiation defects in CaF2–CaO crystalsKachan, S. I.; Obukhova, E. E.; Chinkov, E. P.; Shtanko, V. F.
article2009Interaction of components in PrAlO3- AND LaAlO3-based systemsBasyuk, T.; Vasylechko, L.; Fadeev, S.; Berezovets, V.; Trots, D.; Niewa, R.
article2009Magnetic symmetry of the plain domain walls in the plates of cubic ferro- and ferrimagnetsTanygin, B. M.; Tychko, O. V.
article2009Magnetically induced light scattering in Fe3O4 nanoparticle suspensionMalynych, S. Z.; Ballato, John; Ubizskii, S. B.; Kornev, K.
article2009Influence of electric field on luminescence of ZnSeDegoda, V.; Sofienko, A.
article2009The influence of xylenol orange dye on nonlinear optical properties of KDP crystalsPritula, I.; Kosinova, A.; Gayvoronsky, V.; Gromov, Yu.; Kopylovsky, M.; Kolybaeva, M.; Puzikov, V.
article2009The optical isotropic points in Rb2SO4 crystalsGaba, V. M.
article2009Nonlinear optical characterization of kdp crystal doped with TiO2 nanocrystalsGayvoronsky, V. Ya.; Kopylovsky, M. A.; Brodyn, M. S.; Pritula, I. M.; Puzikov, V. M.
article2009Ytterbium ions recharging processes in Yb:Y3Al5O12 single crystals and filmsMartynyuk, N. V.; Buryy, O. A.; Ubizskii, S. B.; Syvorotka, I. I.; Börger, A.; Becker, K.-D.
article2009Oxygen diffusion mobility in the PrNi1-xFex ceramic seriesRebello, J. S.; Vashook, V. V.; Guth, U.
article2009Mechanism of receipt of the magnetically operated biosorbent by multivortical magnetohydrodynamic mixingGorobets, S. V.; Karpenko, Y. V.
article2009Magnetically operated structuring of steel surfaces for the obtaining of attachments for magnetic filtersGorobets, S. V.; Gorobets, O. Yu.; Bylo, O.N.; Dvoynenko, O. K.; Mykhailenko, N. A.
article2009Point-defect interactions and ionic transport in oxygendeficient (La,Sr)CoO3-Naumovich, E.; Tsipis, E.; Patrakeev, M.; Yaremchenko, A.; Marozau, I.; Waerenborgh, J. C.; Kharton, V.
article2009Electrical charge transfer in complex oxideShevchuk, V. N.; Kayun, I. V.
article2009Mixed conducting nonstoichiometric perovskites as nanostructured systemsNemudry, Alexandr P.
article2009The nature of radiation color centers in single crystals Gd2,6Ca0,4Mg0,25Zr0,65Ga4,1O12Kostishyn, V. G.; Shevchuk, V. N.; Bugakova, O. Е.
article2009X-ray luminescence of devitrified Ag, Cu, Mn-doped LI2B4O7Popovich, K. P.; Puga, P. P.; Krasilinec, V. M.; Holovey, V. M.; Puga, G. D.
article2009Optical and nonlinear optical characterization of nanostructured porous aluminaKopylovsky, M.; Vignes, J.-L.; Esaulkov, M.; Vishnyakov, E.; Gayvoronsky, V.Ya.
article2009Peculiarities of the application of clausius – mosotti equation to the cubic oxidesYatsenko, A. V.
article2009Magnetic domain structure and colossal magnetoresistance in manganitesUspenskaya, L. S.; Veshunov, I.; Shulyatev, D. A.
article2009Electro-and magneto induced optical activity in lead germanate type crystalsAdamenko, D.; Klymiv, I.; Vlokh, R.
article2009Epr spectroscopy of the Mn2+ and Cu2+ centres in lithium and potassium-lithium tetraborate glassesPadlyak, B. V.; Wojtowicz, W.; Adamiv, V. T.; Burak, Ya. V.; Teslyuk, I. M.
article2009Luminescence and luminescence kinetics of Gd3Ga5O12 polycrystals doped with Cr3+ and Pr3+Mahlik, S.; Kukliński, B.; Grinberg, M.; Kostyk, L.; Tsvetkova, O.
article2009Electronic structure, optical properties and mechanisms of luminescence of Zn(MoO4), NaAl(MoO4) and Li2Zn2(MoO4)3 molybdate crystalsHizhnyi, Yu.; Nedilko, S.
article2009Mechanosynthesis and magnetic properties of nanostructured MnZn ferriteMyndyk, M.; Nasr Isfahani, M. J.; Menzel, D.; Feldhoff, A.; Amighian, J.; Becker, K. D.; Šepelák, V.
article2009New CdLa2(WO4)4:Nd3+ single crystal for lasers: growth and propertiesBaumer, V. N.; Gorobets, Yu. N.; Doroshenko, M. V.; Dobrotvorskaya, M. V.; Kosmyna, M. B.; Mateychenko, P. V.; Nazarenko, B. P.; Puzikov, V. M.; Shekhovtsov, A. N.
article2009Conductive properties of aliovalent-substituted ktpanalogues KMII 0.333Nb0.667OPO4 (MII – Mn, Co, Ni)Babaryk, A. A.; Zatovsky, I. V.; Kuzmin, R. N.; Slobodyanik, N. S.; Baumer, V. N.
article2009About a nature of a high-coercivity state in epitaxial films of magnetic garnetsKostishyn, V. G.; Morchenko, A. T.; Medved’, V. V.
article2009Investigation of the third-harmonic generation in the field of Ti:Sa femtosecond laser radiation in - ВаВ2О4 crystal through third-order susceptibilitiesSmyrnov, O. O.; Kudrjavzev, D. P.; Oseledchik, Ju. S.; Prosvirnin, A. L.
article2009The domain structure’s influence of ferromagnetic electrode on the spatial distribution of electric potential of electric double layer at the electrodeelectrolyte interfaceGorobets, Yu. I.; Gorobets, O. Yu.; Lizunov, V. V.; Bondar, I. O.
article2009Effects of hydrostatic pressure on the upconversion emission in Er3+/Yb3+ codoped LuVO4 crystalsWisniewski, Krzysztof; Bettinelli, Marco
article2009Optical spectroscopy of Nd3+ luminescence centres in the Sr4B14O25:Nd crystalPadlyak, B. V.; Ryba-Romanowski, W.; Lisiecki, R.; Oseledchik, Yu. S.; Prosvirnin, A. L.; Kudryavtcev, D. P.; Svitanko, N. V.
article2009Estimate of the magnetic filters effectivenes with dendrite structureGorobets, S. V.; Mykhailenko, N. O.; Dvoynenko, O. K.
article2009Effect of annealing in H2O vapour on LiNbO3 optical propertiesPashkovskii, M. V.; Solskii, I. M.; Sugak, D. Yu.
article2009Metamagnetism, phase CO-existence and metastability in functional magnetic materialsPecharsky, V. K.; Gschneidner, K. A. Jr.
article2009Electron spin resonance in two-phase magnetic systemsTovstolytkin, A. I.; Pogorily, A. M.; Dzhezherya, Yu. I.; Dzyublyuk, V. V.
article2009Differential magneto-optical imaging of current flow in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8Soibel, A.; Myasoedov, Y.; Zeldov, E.
article2009Ceramic fuel cell electronic device: structure & propertiesVasylyev, O. D.; Brychevskyi, M. M.; Brodnikovskyi, Ie. M.; Chedryk, V. I.; Melakh, V. G.; Pryschepa, Ie. G.; Ushkalov, L. M.; Vereschak, V. G.
article2009Growth and characterization of perovskite LaGaO3: SrMnO3 solid solution crystalsGlowacki, M.; Runka, T.; Domukhovski, V.; Diduszko, R.; Mirkowska, M.; Berkowski, M.
article2009Understanding the photoelectrochemical properties of spinel-type p-CoM2O4 (M: Al, Ga, AND In) compoundsAl-Jassim, Mowafak; Ahn, Kwang-Soon; Shet, Sudhakar; Huda, Muhammed; Deutsch, Todd; Turner, Yanfa Yan; Turner, John
article2009Nanostructural superconducting materials for fault current limitaters and cryogenic electrical machinesPrikhna, T.; Gawalek, W.; Sokolovsky, V.; Kozyrev, А.; Savchuk, Ya.; Sergienko, N.; Moshchil, V.; Vajda, J.; Kosa, J.
article2009Growth of thick epitaxial yag:Cr4+ films for passive q-switching of microchip lasersSyvorotka, I. I.; Syvorotka, I. M.; Ubizskii, S. B.
article2009Research and development ZnBO4 (B=W,Mo) crystal scintillators for search of rare processes in astrophysicsDubovik, A. M.; Vostretsov, Yu. Ya.; Grynyov, B. V.; Danevich, F. A.; Kraus, H.; Nagornaja, L. L.; Mikhailik, V. B.; Tupitsyna, I. A.
article2009Electroconductive and dielectric properties of solid solutions and composites based on the bismuth vanadateTorba, J. N.; Fortalnova, E. A.; Golubko, N. V.; Kaleva, G. M.; Safronenko, M. G.; Venkovskii, N. U.; Politova, E. D.
article2009Complex lanthanide oxides from molten phosphate – molybdate (tungstate) media: synthesis, crystal structure and photoluminescence propertiesTerebilenko, K. V.; Nedilko, S. G.; Zatovsky, I. V.; Slobodyanik, M. S.; Baumer, V. N.; Boyko, V. V.; Scherbatskii, V. P.
article2009Modeling of heat and mass transfer at growth of large size BGO crystalsGalenin, E.; Vasyliev, V.; Gerasimov, Ya.; Kalaev, V.; Mazaev, K.; Sidletskiy, O.; Tkachenko, S.
article2009Changes in OH– absorption spectra of pure LiNbO3 during reducing/oxidizing annealingSugak, Yu.; Sugak, D.; Zhydachevskii, Ya.; Buryy, O.; Solskii, I.; Ubizskii, S.; Becker, K.-D.
article2009Defects in magnesium aluminates spinel ceramicsGritsyna, V. T.; Kazarinov, Yu. G.; Moskvitin, A. O.; Reimanis, I. E.
article2009Energy and structure of the europium impurity emission centers in the PWO crystalsChukova, O.; Nedilko, S.; Scherbatskyi, V.
article2009Equation of state and pressure dependence of lattice parameter of gadolinium gallium garnet crystalsDurygin, A.; Paszkowicz, W.; Buczko, R.; Kaminska, A.; Saxena, S.; Suchocki, A.
article2009Determination of the thermoluminescence kinetic parameters in Li2B4O7:Ag single crystalsLyamayev, V. I.; Holovey, V. M.
article2009Theoretical modelling of the luminescence spectra of oxide crystals AWO4 (A=Zn, Pb) with defectsNikolaenko, T.; Hizhnyi, Yu.; Nedilko, S.
article2009Thermoluminescent properties of manganese-doped YAP ceramicsZhydachevskii, Ya.; Suchocki, A.
article2009Optimization of thermal conditions at czochralski growth of rare-earth silikate single crystalsVasyliev, V.; Kurtsev, D.; Sidletskiy, O.; Grinyov, B.; Kalaev, V.; Mazaev, K.
article2009Properties of ZnO and ZnMnO thin films obtained by the pulsed laser ablationVirt, I. S.; Gadzaman, I. V.; Bilyk, I. S.; Rudyi, I. O.; Kurilo, I. V.; Frugynskyi, M. S.
article2009Design and characterization of resonator mirrors for microlasers on the base of YAlO3 single crystals activated with Nd3+ and Tm3+ ionsIlyina, О. S.; Hajduchok, V. G.; Іzhnin, A. І.; Sugak, D. Yu.; Kuzmak, R. М.; Syvorotka, І. І.; Diachok, Ya. J.; Vakiv, М. М.
article2009Optimization of Q-switched microchip Nd3+:YAG/Cr4+:YAG lasers for range finder applicationsBuryy, O. A.; Izhnin, A. I.; Syvorotka, I. I.; Sugak, D. Yu.; Ubizskii, S. B.; Vakiv, M. M.
article2009LSCF cathode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cellsUshkalov, L.; Vasylyev, O.; Pryschepa, Ye.; Samelyuk, A.; Melakh, V.
article2009Resistance switching effects in perovskite oxidesBelogolovskii, Mikhail A.
article2009Variation of magnetic domain structure of thin manganite film with temperatureUspenskaya, L.; Nurgaliev, T.; Miteva, S.
article2009Electrical characterisation of an oxide-pn-junction under illuminationSaucke, Gesine; Hoffmann, Joerg; Norpoth, Jonas; Zhu, Yimei; Jooss, Christian
article2009Pendulum like rotation magnetization reversal of anisotropic magnetic filmUbizskii, S. B.; Pavlyk, L. P.
article2009The mechanism and kinetics of formation of the aurivillius phases Bi2MNbTiO9 (M=Bi, rare earth)Grincevich, T. G.; Missyul, A. B.; Zvereva, I. A.
article2009Crystal growth and structure characterization of rare earth double tungstateIwanowski, P.; Domukhovski, V.; Berkowski, M.
article2009Partial parity of faraday rotationAdamenko, D.; Klymiv, I.; Krupych, O.; Vlokh, O.; Vlokh, R.
article2009Spectral characteristics of calcium iodide crystals, activated by oxygen- and hydrogen-containing impuritiesNovosad, S. S.; Novosad, I. S.; Khvyschun, I. O.
article2009Basic kinetic model of the x-ray conductivity of semiconductorsDegoda, V.
article2009Giant magnetocaloric effect in manganitesSzymczak, R.; Kolano, R.; Kolano-Burian, A.; Dyakonov, V. P.; Szymczak, H.
article2009The formation conditions of optical solitons in the optical activity sillenite crystalsDovhyj, Ya. O.; Zamorsky, M. K.; Man’kovska, I. G.
article2009Second and third harmonic response in ZNO/PMMA nanocomposite filmsKulyk, B.; Sahraoui, B.; Kapustianyk, V.; Rudyk, V.; Krupka, O.; Tkaczyk, S.; Kityk, I.
article2009EB-PVD electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cellsBrychevskyi, M.; Vasylyev, O.; Dubykivskyi, L.; Sameluk, A.
article2009Elements of morphology of strained epitaxial garnet filmsNedviga, A. S.; Nesteruk, A. G.; Vishnevskii, V. G.; Milyukova, H. T.; Berzhansky, V. N.; Karavainikov, A. V.; Danishevskaya, H. V.; Shaposhnikov, A. N.
article2009Application of electronic theory of sintering to the ferrite systemsKopayev, A. V.; Bushkova, V. S.
article2009Luminescence properties of Ca3-xCdxGa2Ge3O12 garnet system doped by Eu3+ ionsKostyk, L.; Luchechko, A.; Tsvetkova, O.; Kuklinski, B.; Vas’kiv, A.
article2009Investigation of the chromium ions recharging kinetics in Cr,Mg:YAG epitaxial films during high-temperature annealingBuryy, O.; Ubizskii, S.; Syvorotka, I. I.; Becker, K.-D.
article2009High pressure spectroscopy of uranium doped CS2NAYCL6Behrendt, M.; Kukliński, B.; Grinberg, M.; Karbowiak, M.
article2009Optical studies and spectroscopic peculiarities of dysprosium doped Gd2SiO5 single crystalsLisiecki, R.; Solarz, P.; Dominiak-Dzik, G.; Ryba-Romanowski, W.; Berkowski, M.; Głowacki, M.
article2009Luminescence of Cu+ and Cu2+ ions in CsBr crystalsZorenko, Yu.; Voznyak, T.; Turchak, R.
article2009Influence of structure of Ni-ZrO2 sofc anode on its electrochemical propertiesBrodnikovskyi, Iegor; Chedryk, Valeriy; Vasylyev, Oleksandr
article2009Phosphorescence and relaxation of conductivity in ZnSe after PHOTO- and X-ray excitationDegoda, V.; Sofienko, A.
article2009Electroluminescence properties of ZnO/Alq3/pegde/Al structureHotra, Z.; Stakhira, P.; Volynyuk, D.; Cherpak, V.; Luka, G.; Godlewski, M.; Guziewicz, E.; Pakhomov, G.; Tsizh, B.
article2009High resolution infrared absorption spectra of hydroxyl related defects in CdWO4 single crystalsKovács, L.; Lengyel, K.; Solskii, I.; Sugak, D.; Mazzera, M.; Capelletti, R.
article2009The methods of high-coercivity state induction and test of magneto-optical figure of merit in epitaxial magnetic garnet films for thermomagnetic recordingKostishyn, V. G.; Morchenko, A. T.; Medved’, V. V.; Bugakova, O. E.
article2009Influense of pulse laser irradiation on character of magneto-electric properties in ferrite-garnetsKoronovskyy, V. E.
Results 1-100 of 152 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).