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Conference Abstract29-May-20171D Zinc Nanostructures Obtained by Electrodeposition in Porous TitaniaFerreira, M. G. S.; Starykevich, M.; Salak, A. N.; Ivanou, D. K.; Zheludkevich, M. L.
Conference Abstract29-May-20173D Computer Models of the Ag-{In, Sb}-Sn T-x-y DiagramsLutsyk, V.; Vorob’eva, V.
Conference Abstract29-May-20173D Model of Phase Diagram for SystemMgO-SiO2-Al2O3 and its ApplicationLutsyk, V.; Zelenaya, A.
Conference Abstract20153D seismic velocity models distribution for complete complex of processing and interpretation of seismic data in Dnieper-Donets BasinPetruniak, V.; Ustenko, I.
Conference Abstract18-Apr-20183D моделювання та візуалізація монументальних споруд за даними аерознімання з БПЛАКузик, З.; Бердар, Ф.
Conference Abstract1-Oct-20183D-кадастр, як сучасна складова ДЗКПашковенко, О.; Музика, Н. М.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017A fitted numerical method for singularly perturbed integro differential equations with delayErdogan, Fevzi; Sakar, Mehmet Giyas
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018A Framework for Semantic Video Content Indexing Using Textual InformationSadek, Mansouri; Charhad, Mbarek; Rekik, Ali; Zrigui, Mounir
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018A Fuzzy Model of Television Rating Control with Trend Rules Tuning based on Monitoring ResultsAzarov, Olexiy; Krupelnitsky, Leonid; Rakytyanska, Hanna
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018A Generalized Description for the Perceived Contrast of Image ElementsYelmanov, Sergei; Romanyshyn, Yuriy
Conference Abstract2015A history of public artKyselyova, Alla
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018A hundred years of activity of the Association of Polish CitiesGrobelny, Paweł
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018A Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Element: a New Structural Node for Evolving Neuro-Fuzzy SystemsHu, Zhengbing; Tyshchenko, Oleksii
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018A Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Model for Stock Market Time-Series PredictionVlasenko, Alexander; Vynokurova, Olena; Vlasenko, Nataliia; Peleshko, Marta
Conference Abstract2017A method of construction of automated basic ontologyLytvyn, Vasyl; Vysotska, Victoria; Wojcik, Waldemar; Dosyn, Dmytro
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018A Method to Solve Uncertainty Problem for Big Data SourcesBerko, Andrii; Alieksieiev, Vladyslav
Conference Abstract29-May-2017A New Application of Relaxor Ferroelectrics: Electrocaloric CoolingSuchaneck, G.
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018A New Approach for Forming a Probabilistic Risk Assessment Model of Innovative Project Implementation Under RiskRekik, Ali; Masmoudi, Nissen
Conference Abstract29-May-2017A Numerical Model of Light Propagation in Porous Composite StructuresJaworski, Nazariy; Andrushchak, Nazariy
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018About Kernel Structure Construction of the Generalized Neural FunctionsGeche, Fedir; Mulesa, Oksana; Voloshchuk, Veronika; Batyuk, Anatoliy