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Conference Abstract29-May-2017Table of contents-
Conference Abstract2015Tangible and intangible methods of motivationKruglov, Vitaliy; Kozyakova, Darina
Conference Abstract2016Technological equipment for finishing treatmentGavrilchenko, Oleksandr; Zakharov, Viktor; Korendiy, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract2016Technological process of cavitational water disinfectionKoval, Iryna
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Temperature distribution on continuous-drive friction welding involving plastic deformationŁukaszewicz, Andrzej
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Temperature Influence of the Functional Properties of Inductive Components withMetal Oxide Magnetic CoresJackiewicz, D.; Kachniarz, M.; Bieńkowski, A.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Template Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Lanthanide Impurities Doped YBO3 NanoparticlesMalyi, T.; Zhyshkovych, A.; Chylii, M.; Vistovskyy, V.; Zaichenko, A.; Voloshinovskii, A.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of the Diffusion Processes in LiNbO3 Crystals Caused by Thermo-Chemical TreatmentSugak, D. Yu.; Buryy, O. A.; Syvorotka, I. I.; Yakhnevych, U. V.; Becker, K.-D.; Ubizskii, S. B.
Conference Abstract2016The active suffrage of minorsOrtynska, Nataly
Conference Abstract2016The algorithm of search and identification of Internet sources on historical eventsPeleshchyshyn, Andriy; Bilushchak, Тetiana
Conference Abstract2016The automation of aerobic wastewater treatmentSafonyk, Andrii; Targoniy, Ivan
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017The basic principles of the formation of the palace architecture of the Eastern Podillya in the period of early classicismKhorosha, Oksana
Conference Abstract2016The change of bus drivers`functional statePostranskyy, Taras; Afonin, Maksym
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017The change of bus driver’s functional condition, moving in the plain roadPostranskyy, Taras; Afonin, Maksym
Conference Abstract2016The change of the safe motion speed at night-timeBojkiv, Mykola; Chudijovych, Bogdanna
Conference Abstract2015The characteristic’s impact on environment of laminated product’s plantsNahurskyy, О.; Tsyhaniuk, S.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017The concept of sustainable economic development of Ukraine on the basis of ”green” economyMazur, Andriana; Muzychuk, Inna
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017The definition of deviation of “Geoevolutionary” plumb line based on data from the transformation of the EarthShylo, Olha; Shylo, Yevhenii
Conference Abstract2015The detection of winding short circuits in single-phase double-winding transformersDmytryk, Bohdan; Ravlyk, Oleksandr
Conference Abstract2015The development of transfer system as one of the areas of management improvement by industrial enterprisesKosovska, Vira