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Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Macroeconomic factors of commercial entrepreneurship development in UkraineMartynyuk, Volodymyr; Dzvonyk, Vasyl'
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Magnetic Behavior of ZnO Nanoparticles Doped with Co and Mn IonsOmelchenko, Myroslava; Wojnarowicz, Jacek; Rybusinski, Jaroslaw; Majhofer, Andrzej; Twardowski, Andrzej; Szczytko, Jacek
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Magnetic Losses Evolution of Ferritic Fe-Si Steels Subjected to Temper Rolling at Elevated TemperaturePetryshynets, I.; Kováč, F.; Puchý, V.; Šebek, M.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Magnetic Properties of Ce3+ Ions in Nb-Doped Cerium DioxideGornostaeva, O.; Kolodiazhnyi, T.
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Magneto-rheological materials dynamic properties investigation using refined layer-wise theoryDiveyev, Bohdan; Horbay, Orest; Konyk, Ihor; Velhan, Ihor
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Magnetoelastic Villari Effect in Ferrite Materials for Force and Stress SensorsWorking in Low Magnetizing Field RegionKachniarz, M.; Bieńkowski, A.; Szewczyk, R.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Main EU requirements for goods safety and qualityYemchenko, Iryna; Lehusha, Liliia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Main tendencies of the Internet development in the future and new Internet professionsKhymytsia, Natalia; Kolos, Sofia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Making answer algorithm for chat-botShakhovska, Khrystyna
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Management of investment risksDziurakh, Yurii
Conference Abstract2016Management process knowledge in the subject area and notion of contextual dependenceZavuschak, Ira; Zhelizniak, Ira; Rybchak, Zoriana
Conference Abstract2015Manifestation of stylistic devices in German media texts on Ukraine crisisPochapska, Olha
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Marketing instruments of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast promotion in terms of cross-border cooperationPopadynets, Nazariy; Pasternak, Olena
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Marketing logisticsZielińska, Anetta; Gałka, Agnieszka
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Material Properties of Ca3TaGa3Si2O14 Resonators at Elevated TemperaturesSuhak, Yu.; Schulz, M.; Sotnikov, A.; Schmidt, H.; Fritze, H.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Materials Based on Oxide Compounds for Composite ScintillatorsGerasymov, Ia.; Nepokupnaya, T.; Boyarintsev, A.; Sidletskiy, O.; Kurtsev, D.; Voloshyna, O.; Onufriyev, Yu.; Grynko, T.; Trubaeva, O.; Pedash, V.
Conference Abstract2015Mathematical model for investigation of wave processes in high-voltage transformersKurylyshyn, Oleksander
Conference Abstract2015Mathematical modeling and experimental study of impulse lines of flowmetersFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir; Kostyk, Ihor; Stefurak, Khrystyna
Conference Abstract2016Mathematical modeling of linear integration based on reverse formulasKozych, Anna
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Mathematical modeling of the phase transitions in the process of heat-and-mass transfer in anisotropic materialsSokolovskyy, Yaroslav; Gayvas, Bogdana; Boretska, Iryna; Kroshnyy, Igor