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Conference Abstract2016Danger pollution of the hydrosphere ammonium saltsMalovanyy, Myroslav; Petrushka, Kateryna
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Deep Levels in β-Ga2O3 Single Crystals Doped with Mg2+ IonsLuchechko, A.; Vasyltsiv, V.; Kostyk, L.; Tsvetkova, O.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Defect Induced Magnetism in ZnO: a First Spintronic DeviceBotsch, L.; Esquinazi, P.; Lorite, I.; Kumar, Y.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Defect-Related Effects in the Modified Chalcogenide Glasses Caused by Gamma-IrradiationKlym, H.; Shpotyuk, O.; Ingram, A.; Calvez, L.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Defects Related Scintillation Properties of Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet CrystalsShiran, N.; Gektin, A.; Nesterkina, V.; Vasyukov, S.; Zelenskaya, O.; Hubenko, K.
Conference Abstract2015Definition factors cubic approximating polynomial for locking characteristics of steel pipelinesMuzychak, Andriy; Pasternak, Roman
Conference Abstract2015Definition of equivalent roughness of internal surface of a measuring pipelineChaban, Bohdan; Lesovoy, Leonid
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Definition of the path with minimum total length on base the flows between nodes of the networkMazur, Vitaliy
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Demagnetizing Field in a Sample of Magnetically OrderedMediumTychko, O.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Dependence of public transport service quality indicators priority from the respondent`s ageVovk, Yuliya
Conference Abstract2015Design of an intelligence information system of airport services automationRybchak, Zoriana; Basyuk, Taras
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Design of an Intelligent Control System to Prevent the Ferroresonance Effect in Current TransformersZenk, H.; Altinkok, A.
Conference Abstract19-Oct-2018Designing of Z-axis comb-drive MEMS accelerometerMaj, Cezary; Szermer, Michał
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Destructive Metallic Nanoclusterizaion in Oxide and Chalcogenide Glassy MediaShpotyuk, M.
Conference Abstract25-Jun-2018Detection of gaps in documentation concerning remotepiloted aviation based on content analysisMarkiv, Volodymyr; Mykyichuk, Mykola; Markiv, Oksana
Conference Abstract2015Determinants of knowledge transfer as a context for models of knowledge brokersJaniszewski, Adam
Conference Abstract2015Determination of cost of contra-rotating wind turbine with transformer with rotating halfKovalchuk, Andrii; Khai, Vasyl
Conference Abstract2015Determination of electrical conductivity of ion exchange resinsMalovanyy, Myroslav; Petrushka, Kateryna
Conference Abstract2016Determination of offenses among childrenLesko, Nataliya
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Determination of Surface Reactivity of Inorganic Anion Exchangers Based on Complex Metal Hydrous Oxides Using EXAFS SimulationChubar, N.; Gerda, V.; Yablokova, G.; Banerjee, D.