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Conference Abstract2016Algorithm for calculating the natural gas flowrate with taking into account the roughness measured in real timeChaban, Bohdan; Lesovoi, Leonid
Conference Abstract2016Algorithmic method of precision enhancement of paper pulp blade consistometersRomaniuk, Oleksandr; Kril, Bohdan; Kril, Danylo; Kokoshko, Roman
Conference Abstract29-May-2017An Easy Method for Oriented Conductive Nanowires Formation on SrTiO3(100)Wrana, D.; Rodenbücher, C.; Jany, B. R.; Rysz, J.; Szot, K.; Krok, F.
Conference Abstract2015An inclusive preschool education as the basis of inclusion in the system of educationFedan, Yaroslav
Conference Abstract2017An index of authors’ popularity for Internet encyclopediaLande, Dmitry; Andrushchenko, Valentyna; Balagura, Iryna
Conference Abstract2016Analysing online customer experience with tripadvisor: the case of KonyaAlper Ateş; Ceyhun Çağlar Kılınç; Halil Sunar
Conference Abstract2015Analysis and classification of historical-oriented Internet sourcesPeleschyshyn, Andriy; Bilushchak, Тetiana
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Analysis and Design of Magneto-Optic Mach-Zehnder Isolator Made with a Magnetic Nanoparticles-Doped SiO2/ZrO2 LayerBouras, Mounir; Hocini, Abdessalem
Conference Abstract2016Analysis of architectural influence factors on social spaces of shopping mallsBerezko, Olena
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of archival cartographic materials for the modeling of digital terrain model of the Lviv city landfill during 1988-2008Lozynskyi, Viktor
Conference Abstract2016Analysis of coke gas properties at operation of its metering systemsDzhyhyrei, Viktor; Matiko, Fedir
Conference Abstract22-Feb-2018Analysis of construction features and formation of concept of armored combat vehicles of the type MRAPAndriienko, Anatolii; Hrubel, Mykhailo; Nanivskyi, Roman
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Analysis of Electromigration in MWO4 (M=Ca, Cd, Pb, Zn) Crystals and their Structural DefectsShevchuk, V. N.; Kayun, I. V.
Conference Abstract2017Analysis of existing German CorporaOlifenko, Inna; Borysova, Natalia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of experimental researches of wood gasification process in a continuous layerLys, Stepan; Rymar, Tetyana; Yurasova, Oksana; Bura, Mykhaylo
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of factors which define time losses in traffic flowBura, Romana; Davosyr, Vladyslav
Conference Abstract3-Jun-2018Analysis of investment of foreign economic activity in Lviv regionViblyi, P. I.; Lashchyk, I. I.; Zhulevych, M. I.
Conference Abstract29-May-2017Analysis of Observed Voltage Oscillations in Silver Doped High Temperature Superconductor YBCOAltinkok, A.; Olutas, M.; Yetis, H.; Kiliç, A.; Kiliç, K.
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of process parameters of wastewater treatment of edible oils productionDyachok, Vasyl; Marakhovska, Anastasia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Analysis of pulse-width modulation methodsFedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav