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ТипДата випускуНазваАвтор(и)
Article2009S-band planar strip array antennas without dielectric substrateMartynyuk, S. Y.; Nazarenko, S. B.
Article2008Safety analyse of cryptography protocol used within safety-related control systems in industryFraneková, Mária; Kállay, Fedor; Kurytnik, Igor Piotr
Article2013Safety in urban public spacesRybka, Adam
Article2013Sales channels selection for small industrial enterprises based on qualitative-quantitative characteristic criteriaShpak, N.; Kyrylych, T.
Article2012Sampling theorem in frequency-time domain and its applicationsKalyuzhniy, N. M.
Article2010Satellite images quality improvement for multilevel data processingPrudyus, Ivan; Lazko, Leonid; Semenov, Serhiy
Article2016Satellite scientific data collection and accumulation system as a basis for cyber-physical systems constructionHlukhov, Valerii; Lukenyuk, Adolf; Shenderuk, Sergii
Article2014Scanning electron microscopic characterization of iron-gall inks from different tannin sources – applications for cultural heritageda Costa, Antonio; Correa, Fernanda; Sant’Annа, Gustavo; de Carvalho, Sheyla; dos Santos, Fernanda; Lutterbach, Marcia
Article2012Scanning television optical microscope for biological microobjects researchShkliarskyi, Volodymyr; Prudyus, Ivan; Pedan, Anatoliy
Article2010Scanning television optical microscope for research of biological microobjectsBalanjuk, Yurij; Lubinecka, Bogdana; Matiieshyn, Yurij; Pedan, Anatoliy; Prudyus, Ivan; Turkinov, Gennadiy; Shkliarskyi, Volodymyr
Article2012Scanning television optical microscope with illumination of microobject in a ultra-violet rangeBalanjuk, Yurij; Matiieshyn, Yurij; Pedan, Anatoliy
Article2006Scanning-area algorithms for clustered TSPBazylevych, R.; Dupas, R.; Kutelmakh, R.
Article2012Scattering of electromagnetic waves by thin cylinder: asymptotic solutionAndriychuk, Mykhaylo
Article2012Scattering of electromagnetic waves on aspheric dielectric particlesKhlopov, G.; Veselovska, G.
Article2009Scattering properties of carbon nanotube antennasLerer, A. M.; Makhno, V. V.; Makhno, P. V.; Labunko, O. S.
Article2009Scattering properties of thin conductive fibresDemidchik, V. I.; Kornev, R. V.; Kuharchik, P. D.
Article2009Scattering wideband pulse signals by non-smooth surfacesDrobakhin, O. O.; Saltykov, D. Yu.; Saltykov, A. D.
Article2011Scenario based web system for numerical computationsStarzyński, Jacek; Szmurło, Robert; Chaber, Bartosz; Sawicki, Bartosz; Wincenciak, Stanistaw
Article2013Scenario Planning of Public Service System in Seaside Resorts and Recreational AreasSheshukova, Svitlana
Article2016Scheme for promoting industrial energy efficiency – pine project resultsVranayova, Z.; Kaposztasova, D.