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Article2014Usagяe of social media for sme’s marketing purposes on example of PolandChmielecki, Michał
Article2011Use of 4D-BIM modelling for identifying time-space safety risks of constructionFridrich, М.
Article2017Use of a cloud storage for implementation informational processesBoyko, N.
Article19-лют-2017Use of cluster analysis method to increase the efficiencyand accuracy of radar data processingКарлашевич, Іван; Правда, Володимир; Karlashevych, Ivan; Pravda, Volodymyr
Article2014Use of extrapolation to forecast the working capital in the mechanical engineering companiesCherep, A.; Shvets, Y.
Article2011Use of fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) in construction: a sustainable alternative to traditional building materialsCarra, G.
Article2013Use of in vitro culture in order to preserve species gladiolus imbricatusKrvavych, A. S.; Stadnytska, H. E.; Novikov, V. P.
Conference Abstract2016Use of lignin as an alternative fuelKuznetsova, Marta
Conference Abstract2017Use of linguistic criteria for estimating of wikipedia articles qualityKolesnik, Anastasiia; Khairova, Nina
Article2013Use of modern finite element analysis packages in calculations of reinforced concrete bridgesVolotsiuga, Volodymyr; Shynder, Yuliya
Article2013Use of signals of telecommunication systems in passive radar systemsRogozhnikov, Evgeniy; Geltser, Andrey
Article2012Use of stochastic methods for treatment of cyclic random processes of multiple crackingLytvynenko, Iaroslav; Maruschak, Pavlo
Article2015Use of the kinematic method for reconstruction of stress fields and mechanisms of the structure development in Donbas (on an example of the western closure of the horlovka anticline)Nikitenko, O. V.; Chernysh, O. G.
Article2012Use of ultrasonic cavitation for purification of alcohols productions waste – waters in the atmosphere of different gasesShevchuk, L.; Predzymirska, L.; Nykulyshyn, I.; Rypka, A.
Article2010Use of wireless technologies for the requirements of emergency medical proceduresTymchenko, Olexander; Kolodij, Roman
Article2014Use of zeolite in acriculture and environment protection. A short reviewSzerement, J.; Ambrożewicz-Nita, A.; Kędziora, K.; Piasek, J.
Article2014Use of zeolite of the sokyrnytsa deposit in engineering of environmentSabadash, V. V.
Article2014Use ofmodified zeolite in environmental engineering. a reviewKędziora, K.; Piasek, J.; Szerement, J.; Ambrożewicz-Nita, A.
Conference Abstract23-гру-2017User interface constructed on the contextual knowledge that describing ontologyZavuschak, Iryna
Article2013User-generated content – an opportunity or a threat in terms of building brand imageGasinska, М.; Gregor, B.