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Conference Abstract2016Combined thick-film structures based on modified nanoceramics for sensor electronicsKlym, Halyna; Kostiv, Yuriy
article2009Effect of annealing in H2O vapour on LiNbO3 optical propertiesPashkovskii, M. V.; Solskii, I. M.; Sugak, D. Yu.
article2009Electroconductive and dielectric properties of solid solutions and composites based on the bismuth vanadateTorba, J. N.; Fortalnova, E. A.; Golubko, N. V.; Kaleva, G. M.; Safronenko, M. G.; Venkovskii, N. U.; Politova, E. D.
Article26-Feb-2019Evaluating the state of sanitary and hygienic conditions in ventilated roomsКапало, П.; Клименко, Г.; Возняк, О.; Желих, В.; Адамскі, М.; Kapalo, P.; Klymenko, H.; Voznyak, O.; Zhelykh, V.; Adamski, M.
Article2009Features of the Crystal and Electronic Structures of the Zr1-xYxNiSn SemiconductorKrayovskyy, Roman; Romaka, Vitaly; Bovgyra, Oleg
Article2015Heat exchange between thermometer well and pipe wall in natural gas metering systemsFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir
Article2013Impact of climate change on the apple economy of Himachal Pradesh: A case study of Kotgarh villageSingh, Inder Jeet
Article2016Investigation of indoor air quality and its impact on human activity - case studyKapalo, P.; Domnita, F.; Voznyak, O.
Article2013Investigation of light intensity and temperature dependency of solar cells electric parametersTobnaghi, Davoud Mostafa; Madatov, Rahim; Farhadi, Payam
Article2015Mathematical modelling, determination and analysis of the thermostressed state in a thermosensitive three-layer hollow cylinder subjected to the convective-radiative heatingKushnir, R. M.; Popovych, V. S.; Rakocha, I. I.