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Article2008A circuit design of a cyclic voltage generatorAshish Bhupatprasad, Chourasia; Deepali Shrikant, Kelkar
Article2016Elaboration of equipotential surfaces of planets using biorthogonal expansionsFys, С. M.; Sohor, A.; Yurkiv, M.
Article2010Electrophoretic deposition of Na2O-TiO2-SiO2 colloidal systemVakhula, Yaroslav; Moskal, Bogdan; Kuntyi, Orest; Bilan, Oleg
Article15-Jan-2018Finite element approximations in projection methods for solution of some Fredholm integral equation of the first kindПоліщук, О.; Polishchuk, O.
Article28-Feb-2018Method for approximate construction of three-dimensional mass distribution function and gradient of an elipsoidal planet based on external gravitational field parametersФис, М. М.; Бридун, А. М.; Юрків, М. І.; Fys, M.; Brydun, A.; Yurkiv, M.; Фыс, М. М.; Брыдун, А. М.; Юркив, М. И.
Article2013The economic growth of the ukrainian economy: the role of natural resource potentialPopova, Olga
Article2017The essence and methodical approaches to the evaluation of the tourist potential of the territoryMuzychenko-Kozlovska, O.; Symak, A.
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018The Management of the Potential of the Economic SystemYaremko, Iryna; Karkovska, Veronika
Conference Abstract2015The potential of port buildings and structures for further renovation under cultural – community centersGormakh, Ganna
Article2008Аналіз стану та проблеми планування майнового потенціалу підприємств харчової промисловостіТарасюк, Г. М.