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Article20-Jan-2018Acid hydrolysis and ethanol precipitation for glucomannan extraction from crude porang (amorphophallus oncophyllus) tuber flourKumoro, Andri; Yuganta, Tunjung; Retnowati, Diah; Ratnawati, Ratnawati
Article2015Analysis of the conditions of phase equilibrium and influence of the united heat and mass transfer on the effectiveness of separation in the inertial-filtering separatorLiaposhchenko, Oleksandr; Nastenko, Olha
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Analysis of the impact on the environment of cars with gasoline and electric motorsOdnorih, Zoriana; Tymchuk, Ivan; Zhydun, Vasyl
Article2013Analysis of the Phase Equilibrium Conditions and the Impact of Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer on the Separation Process Efficiency in the Inertial – Filtering Gas SeparatorLiaposhchenko, Oleksandr; Nastenko, Olha
Article2013Calculation of the dynamic response of reinforced concrete structures subjected to the ffects of heavy transportDemjan, Ivo; Tomko, Michal
Article2010Computer modeling electro-technical and electro-power subsystems for system «Smart house»Sibruk, Leonid; Ganzha, Olexandr
Article23-Mar-2019Conditions of existing residential buildings 50–60 years and mistakes of their constructionДемчина, Б. Г.; Вознюк, Л. І.; Сурмай, М. І.; Demchyna, Bohdan; Vozniuk, Leonid; Surmai, Mykhaylo
Article2009Discrete-continuum modeling of lefs external osteosynthesis mechanicsDiveyev, B.; Olenjuk, J.; Denysyuk, P.
Conference Abstract2015Energy aspects of arene domain presence in the coal structure under the sorption processZiółkowska, Magda; Jodłowski, Grzegorz S.
Article2013Geoinformation technology for spatial inventory of greenhouse gas emissions: electricity and heat generation in PolandTopylko, P.; Lesiv, M.; Bun, R.; Nahorski, Z.; Horabik, J.