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article2009Electrical characterisation of an oxide-pn-junction under illuminationSaucke, Gesine; Hoffmann, Joerg; Norpoth, Jonas; Zhu, Yimei; Jooss, Christian
article2009Fabrication of Lu2O3 ceramics by sintering of spherical particlesYavetskiy, R. P.; Dulina, N. A.; Sergienko, Z. P.; Tolmachev, A. V.; Vovk, E. A.; Vovk, O. M.
article2009Low-loss microwave dielectrics for different frequency regionsBelous, A.; Ovchar, O.
article2009Mechanosynthesis and magnetic properties of nanostructured MnZn ferriteMyndyk, M.; Nasr Isfahani, M. J.; Menzel, D.; Feldhoff, A.; Amighian, J.; Becker, K. D.; Šepelák, V.
article2009Nanostructural superconducting materials for fault current limitaters and cryogenic electrical machinesPrikhna, T.; Gawalek, W.; Sokolovsky, V.; Kozyrev, А.; Savchuk, Ya.; Sergienko, N.; Moshchil, V.; Vajda, J.; Kosa, J.
article2009Phase diagrams of the systems Al2O3–Zr(Hf)O2–Ln(Y)2O3 as guide for constructing new oxide materialsLakiza, S. M.; Tyschenko, Ja. S.; Lopato, L. M.
article2009Properties of ZnO and ZnMnO thin films obtained by the pulsed laser ablationVirt, I. S.; Gadzaman, I. V.; Bilyk, I. S.; Rudyi, I. O.; Kurilo, I. V.; Frugynskyi, M. S.
Technical Report2009Removal of sulfur-containing compounds from diesel fuel by titan-modified zeolitesTypek, R.; Leboda, R.; Кobylyanskyy, А. E.; Strelko, V. V.; Lapko, V. V.
article2009Research and development ZnBO4 (B=W,Mo) crystal scintillators for search of rare processes in astrophysicsDubovik, A. M.; Vostretsov, Yu. Ya.; Grynyov, B. V.; Danevich, F. A.; Kraus, H.; Nagornaja, L. L.; Mikhailik, V. B.; Tupitsyna, I. A.
article2009Spectral characteristics of calcium iodide crystals, activated by oxygen- and hydrogen-containing impuritiesNovosad, S. S.; Novosad, I. S.; Khvyschun, I. O.