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Article20113-D automatic setup of ERT (electrical resistivity tomography) systemŁukowski, J.; Pidvirnyy, O.
Article2013Concrete composites resistance in sulphur environmentEstokova, Adriana; Kovalcikova, Martina
Article2013Mathematical model of stress and deformation state of glued anchorage of reinforcement bars in cases of exposure short and long term loadingShyshkin, Eduard; Zolotov, Mykhaylo
Article2013Natural aggregate replacement by recycled materials in concrete productionJunak, Jozef; Stevulova, Nadezda
Article2014Optimization of concrete composition with addition of zeolitic tuffMarkiv, T.; Huniak, O.; Sobol, Kh.
Article2014Preliminary studies of dynamic parameters in multi-material structures with the addition of zeoliteSzulej, J.; Ogrodnik, P.
Article2014Protective coatings based filled with polimetylfenilsyloksan to increase corrosion resistance of concreteGyvlyud, М. M.; Stashko, N. P.; Yemchenko, I. V.
Article2013X-ray fluorescence method and thermal analysis оf concrete prepared based on a share оf fly ash and various chemical admixturesOndova, Marcela; Stevulova, Nadezda; Meciarova, Ludmila
Autoreferat2007Бетон на основі модифікованих композиційних цементів для умов сухого жаркого кліматуАларджан, Раід Абед Алькарім
Article2010Влияние водонасыщения на изменение скорости ультразвука в бетоне длительного тверденияВыровой, В. Н.; Воронов, Ю. Н.; Панасюк, В. А.