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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article18-Jun-2018Building an ontology for system analysisBurov, Ye.; Pasichnyk, V.; Katrenko, A.
Article20-Feb-2017Concept of future sports managers’ professional competences formationKryshtanovych, Myroslav; Kryshtanovych, Svitlana; Havrylyuk, Marianna
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018Data Science in Open-Access Research On-line ResourcesLande, Dmytro; Andrushchenko, Valentyna; Balagura, Iryna
Article2012Ontology model of concept “Microsensor” in microelectromechanical systemVasyliuk, Iaroslavk; Teslyuk, Vasyl; Denysyuk, Pavlo
Article2013Peculiarities of lingualizing the concept “magpie” (“soroka”) in M. Vinhranovskyy’s prosaic works for childrenGomeniuk, Olena
Article23-Apr-2020Problems of Ontology Structure and Meaning Optimization and Theirs Solution MethodsLytvyn, Vasyl; Oborska, Oksana; Vysotska, Victoria; Dosyn, Dmytro; Demchuk, Andriy; Burov, Yevhen; Kravets, Petro; Oleksiv, Nazar
Article2016Security of cyber-physical systems from concept to complex information security systemDudykevych, Valerii; Mykytyn, Galyna; Kret, Taras; Rebets, Andrii
Article2017The key aspects of atmospheric air ecological monitoring concept formation at the urban systems levelBakharev, Volodymyr; Marenych, Andriy
Article20-Jan-2017University policy as an object of harmonious development and state regulatiKuzmin, O.; Tsisar, N.; Yastrubskyy, M.
Article2010Автоматизація процесу розвитку базової онтології на основі аналізу текстових ресурсівЛитвин, В. В.