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Article8-Sep-2017An energy saving during the filtration drying of dispersible materials. Choice of optimal parameters of the processAtamaniuk, Volodymyr; Kindzera, Diana; Huzova, Iryna; Liuta, Oksana
-2009Attempts to make use of plastic waste and waste oils vacuum residueMachowska, Halina
Article2011Composition and structure of coal organic mass. 2. Kinetic models of metamorphismBarsky, Vadim; Vlasov, Gennady; Rudnitsky, Andriy
Article2011Composition and structure of coal organic mass. 4. Generalized conception of the composition of solid fuel molecular structures and chemism of metamorphism processBarsky, Vadim; Vlasov, Gennady; Rudnitsky, Andriy
Article2009Composition and structure of coal organic mass. Analytical reviewBarsky, Vadim; Vlasov, Gennady; Rudnitsky, Andriy
Article20-Jan-2018Dependence of the ignition temperature of coals on their propertiesMiroshnichenko, Denis; Kaftan, Yuriy; Desna, Natali; Nazarov, Valeriy; Senkevich, Irina; Nikolaichuk, Yuriy
Article2014Desulphurization and usage of medium-metamorphized black coal. 1. Determination of the optimal conditions for oxidative desulphurizationPyshyev, Serhiy; Prysiazhnyi, Yuri; Miroshnichenko, Denis; Bilushchak, Halyna; Pyshyeva, Roksolana
Article20-Jan-2018Determination of optimum conditions effect of coal oxidative desulfurization to produce pulverized coalPrysiazhnyi, Yuriy; Shved, Mariia; Pyshyev, Serhiy; Bilushchak, Halyna; Pyshieva, Anastasia
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Determination of the armor wear and tear of the drum ball millMysak, Stepan; Kovalenko, Tetiana
Article2012Effect of coal quality on its desulphurization. 1. Influence of the organic matterPysh’yev, Serhiy; Gunka, Volodymyr; Astakhova, Olena; Prysiazhnyi, Yuri; Bratychak, Michael