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Article20071,3-butadiene and methacrylonitrile obtaining using oxidative conversion of C4 olefins over Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst promoted with BaCl2Gumenetskiy, Volodymyr; Maikova, Svitlana; Zhyznevskiy, Vyacheslav
Conference Abstract2015Analysis of the process of obtaining methyl esters of fatty acids from waste vegetable oilsKukushkina, Olena; Vasylkevich, Oleksandr; Bondarenko, Sergiy; Beznosyk, Yuriy
Article2014Carbon monoxide oxidation using cobalt catalysts: a short reviewRattan, Gaurav; Kumar, Maninder
Article2012Catalysis of ethylene oxychlorination into 1,2-dichlorethane in the presence of CuCl2/CuCl active centres on the surface of g-Al2O3Kurta, Sergey
Article2008Catalytic oxidation of tert-butyl alcohol to methacroleinZhyznevskiy, Vyacheslav; Gumenetskiy, Volodymyr
Article2009Chemical modification of dianic epoxy resin by fluorine-containing alcoholsBratychak, Michael; Shust, Olena; Astakhova, Olena; Shyshchak, Olena
Article2012Chemical modification of ED-24 epoxy resin by adipic acidBratychak, Micael; Astakhova, Olena; Mykhailiv, Olena; Stryzhachuk, Alina; Shyshchak, Olena
Conference Abstract2015Determination of the catalytic complexes structure in the cyclohexane oxidationIvashchuk, Oleksandr; Suprun, Oleksandr; Reutskyy, Viktor
Article2013Effect of barium salts on physico-chemical and catalytical properties of Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst for oxidative amonolysis of isobutyl alcoholZhyznevskiy, Vyacheslav; Gumenetskiy, Volodymyr; Matskiv, Olena; Shyshchak, Olena
Article2015Effect of Br-grafted multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the model oxidative environmentZeynalov, Eldar; Friedrich, Joerg; Wagner, Manfred; Hidde, Gundula