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Article2013Biogas as a way to attract renewable energyKardasz, Piotr
Article10-Feb-2020Ecological problems of enterprises of alcohol industryHavryshko, Marianna; Popovych, Olena; Yaremko, Halyna
Article23-Mar-2019Energy potential of crop waste in heat supply systemsЖелих, В. М.; Савченко, О. О.; Фурдас, Ю. В.; Козак, Х. Р.; Миронюк, Х. В.; Zhelykh, Vasyl; Savchenko, Olena; Furdas, Yuriy; Kozak, Khrystyna; Myroniuk, Khrystyna
Article2013Improvement of thermal characteristics of household bioreactorZhelykh, V. M.; Furdas, Y. V.
Article2015Methodical framework of the support and decision-making system for the collection and disposal of organic raw materialsShvorov, Sergei; Komarchuk, Dmitry; Ohrimenko, Peter; Chyrchenko, Dmitry
Article2010Modeling of fermentation processes under limited by amplitude errors of a technological processDyvak, M.; Martsenyuk, Ye.; Pigovsky, Y.
Article2016Production of renewable energy resources via complex treatment of cyanobacteria biomassMalovanyy, Myroslav; Nikiforov, Volodymyr; Kharlamova, Olena; Synelnikov, Olexander
Article2016Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of biogas of cyanea organic massDigtiar, Sergy
Article2013Rationale use of solar energy for heating the compact bioreactorZhelykh, Vasyl; Furdas, Yura
Article2016Reduction of the environmental threat from uncontrolled development of cyanobacteria in the waters of the Dnieper reservoirsMalovanyy, Myroslav; Nykyforov, Volodymyr; Kharlamova, Olena; Synelnikov, Alexander; Dereyko, Khrystyna