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Article2013Adsorption mechanisms in a view of DFT and clustering-based modelsZiółkowska, Magda; Duda, Jan T.; Milewska-Duda, Janina
Article2012Adsorption of BTX and PAHs by polymeric resins packed in a fixed bed: semi-industrial evaluationSilva, Carla da; Barros, Cintia; Queiros, Yure; Marques, Luiz; Louvisse, Ana Maria; Lucas, Elizabete
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Adsorption of Cu2 + and Cr3 + cations by modified sorbentsSabadash, Vira; Habuda, Alina; Gumnitsky, Yaroslav
Article2015Adsorption of heavy metals ions from liquid media by palygorskiteMelnyk, L.; Bessarab, O.; Matko, S.; Malyovanyy, М.
Article2011Adsorption properties of low-bandgap solidsNikolenko, Mykola; Kostynyuk, Andry; Kalashnikov, Jury
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Adsorption treatment wastewater from the production oilsDyachok, Vasil; Marakhovska, Anastasiia
Article10-Feb-2020Adsorptive desulfurization of industrial wastewaternKhudoyarova, Olga; Gordienko, Olga; Sydoruk, Tetiana; Titov, Taras; Petruk, Roman; Prokopchuk, Serhii
Article26-Feb-2018Analysis of poultry manure utilisation methods to produce organic fertiliserMalovanyy, Myroslav; Odnorih, Zoryana; Kanda, Mariya
Article20-Jan-2018Aqueous extracts of Opuntia Ficus-Indica as green corrosion inhibitor of A283C carbon steel IN 1N sulfuric acid solutionKrid, Ferial; Zouaoui, Emna; Medjram, Mohamed Salah
Conference Abstract2016Cleaning heavy metal pollution of wastewater with compost applicationBenjared, Ramadan; Füleky, György