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Article20-Jan-2017Carboxy derivative of dioxydiphenylpropane diglycidyl ether monomethacrylate as an additive for compositesBratychak, Michael; Iatsyshyn, Oksana; Shyshchak, Olena; Atsakhova, Olena; Janik, Helena
Article2009Chemical modification of dianic epoxy resin by fluorine-containing alcoholsBratychak, Michael; Shust, Olena; Astakhova, Olena; Shyshchak, Olena
Article2012Chemical modification of ED-24 epoxy resin by adipic acidBratychak, Micael; Astakhova, Olena; Mykhailiv, Olena; Stryzhachuk, Alina; Shyshchak, Olena
Article2010Chemical modification of ED-24 epoxy resin peroxy derivative by C9H4F16O fluorine-containing alcohol-telomerBratychak, Michael; Chervinskyy, Taras; Shust, Olena; Shyshchak, Olena
Article2013Cross-linking of epoxy-oligoesteric mixtures in the presence of carboxy-containing derivative of ED-24 epoxy resinBratychak, Michael; Bashta, Bogdana; Bruzdziak, Piotr; Astakhova, Olena; Shyshchak, Olena
Article2011Cross-linking of epoxy-oligoesteric mixtures in the presence of fluorine-containing epoxy resinsBratychak, Michael; Kochubei, Victoria; Shust, Olena; Shyshchak, Oleh
Article2013Phenol-formaldehyde resins of novolac type with unsaturated side bondsBratychak, Michael; Strap, Galyna; Astakhova, Olena; Shyshchak, Olena
Article20-Jan-2017Structuring of collagen of the dermis during rawhide formationDanylkovych, Anatoliy; Lischuk, Viktor; Zhyhotsky, Olexander
Article28-Feb-2019Structuring of epoxy-oligoester compositions in the presence of peroxidated epoxy resinБратичак, М. М.; Земке, В. М.; Чопик, Н. В.; Bratychak, Mikhailo Jr.; Zemke, V. M.; Chopyk, N. V.
Article2013Synthesis and application of epoxy-oligoesteric mixtures of ED-20 epoxy resin peroxide derivative during crosslinkingBratychak, Mykhaylo; Chopyk, Natalia