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Article2011Catalytic activity of polymer-supported cobalt(II) catalysts in the oxidation of alkenesPielichowski, Jan; Kowalski, Grzegorz; Zaikov, Gennady
Article2015Controlled synthesis of nanosized polyaniline via unstirred, liquid-liquid interfacial polymerization processThorat, Sangita; Kulkarni, Milind; Thorat, Gaurav
Article20-Jan-2018Dielectric behavior of SBS/polyaniline thermally processable blendsFernando, G.; Souza, Jr.; Soares, Bluma G.; Silveira, Fabiola; Renukappa, N. M.; Siddaramaiah
Article2013Hybrid mineral-polymeric composite materials on the basis of the polyaniline and glauconite-silicaYatsyshyn, Mykhaylo; Reshetnyak, Oleksandr; Dumanchuk, Nataliya; Kulyk, Yuriy; Fartushok, Nataliya; Stadnyk, Yuriy
Article2009Impact of conducting polymer filler on the dielectric properties of Nylon 11Pande, Shilpa; Kelkar, Deepali; Peshwe, Dilip
Article2016Properties of the hybrid glauconite/polyaniline composites synthesized in the aqueous citrate acid solutionsYatsyshyn, Mykhaylo; Makogon, Viktoriia; Reshetnyak, Oleksandr; Demchenko, Pavlo; Dumanchuk, Nataliya; Stadnyk, Yuriy
Article2016Studies on the effect of doping agent on the structure of polyanilineMelad, Omar; Jarur, Mariam
Article2011Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline nanofibres by rapid liquid-liquid interfacial polymerization methodKulkarni, Milind; Kale, Bharat; Apte, Sanjay; Naik, Sonali; Mulik, Uttam; Amalnerkar, Dinesh
Article2010Synthesis and сharacterization of organically soluble and electrically conducting acids doped polyanilineChabukswar, Vasant; Bhavsar, Sanjay
Article2008Synthesis of polyaniline in presence of low magnetic field, its structure and electrical propertiesRenuka, Nafdey; Deepali, Kelkar