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Article2007Cadmium electrochemical reduction in CdCl2 solutions in dimethylsulfoxide and morphology of cathode depositKuntyi, Оrest; Bilan', Oleg; Yavorskyi, Viktor; Okhremchuk, Yevhen
Article2011Cинтез і електричні властивості композитів стиромаль – поліортотолуїдинРій, Уляна; Дутка, Володимир; Аксіментьєва, Олена
Article2011Morphological characterization of cellulose acetate based reverse osmosis membranes by atomic force microscopy (AFM) effect of evaporation timeGizli, Nilay
Article2016Morphology and properties of blends of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) with poly(vinyl alcohol)Olkhov, Anatoly; Iordanskii, Alexey
Article2007Morphology of a dispersed tellurium electrochemical deposition in aprotic solventsKuntyi, Orest
Article2010Morphology of zinc deposited via cementation over magnesium rotary disc in ZnCl2+NH4Cl aqueous solutionsKuntyi, Orest; Zozulya, Galyna
Article2013The conditions effect of obtaining CdS and CdSe films on their structural and optical propertiesShapoval, Pavlo; Guminilovych, Ruslana; Yatchyshyn, Iosyp
Article2015The structure of the architectural languageRemizova, Olena
Article2011TPU/Mica composites prepared in torque rheometer: processability, mechanical properties and vorphologyEscocio, Viviane; Altstadt, Volker; Visconte, Leila; de Carvalho, Mariana; Nunes, Regina
Article2011Вплив низьких температур на морфологічні властивості дріжджівПаньків, Наталія; Паляниця, Любов; Березовська, Наталія; Косів, Руслана; Швабюк, Орест