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Article2010100-ліття витоків економетричної наукиЯремко, І. Й.
Article20-Jan-2018Acid hydrolysis and ethanol precipitation for glucomannan extraction from crude porang (amorphophallus oncophyllus) tuber flourKumoro, Andri; Yuganta, Tunjung; Retnowati, Diah; Ratnawati, Ratnawati
Article2015Analysis of the conditions of phase equilibrium and influence of the united heat and mass transfer on the effectiveness of separation in the inertial-filtering separatorLiaposhchenko, Oleksandr; Nastenko, Olha
Article2009Application of virtual reality environment for simulation of hazards in the forklift usageOkulicz, K.; Sierpinski, D.; Wrobel, J.
Article2013Calculation of the dynamic response of reinforced concrete structures subjected to the ffects of heavy transportDemjan, Ivo; Tomko, Michal
Article23-Mar-2019Conditions of existing residential buildings 50–60 years and mistakes of their constructionДемчина, Б. Г.; Вознюк, Л. І.; Сурмай, М. І.; Demchyna, Bohdan; Vozniuk, Leonid; Surmai, Mykhaylo
Article26-Feb-2018Determination of Hydro-ErosionWear Coefficient for Sealing Elements of Pipeline FittingsСтоцько, Зіновій; Шеремета, Роман; Stotsko, Zinoviy; Sheremeta, Roman
Article2009Discrete-continuum modeling of lefs external osteosynthesis mechanicsDiveyev, B.; Olenjuk, J.; Denysyuk, P.
Article2013Experimental diagnostics and static assessment of fire damaged steel structureKmeť, Stanislav; Tomko, Michal; Demjan, Ivo
Article2014Formation of the favorable information and investment environment as a basis of developing structural business shellHavran, V. J.; Novakivskyi, I. I.