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Article26-Feb-2018Analysis of the measurement quality indexesМотало, В. П.; Черешневська, А. А.; Motalo, Vasyl; Chereshnevska, Anzhelika
Article26-Feb-2018Analysis of the ventilation air flow rate for renewal of windowsКапало, П.; Kapalo, P.
Article26-Feb-2019Evaluating the state of sanitary and hygienic conditions in ventilated roomsКапало, П.; Клименко, Г.; Возняк, О.; Желих, В.; Адамскі, М.; Kapalo, P.; Klymenko, H.; Voznyak, O.; Zhelykh, V.; Adamski, M.
Article2015Heat exchange between thermometer well and pipe wall in natural gas metering systemsFedoryshyn, Roman; Matiko, Fedir
Article10-Nov-2017Investigation of sensor for measurement of rotation angle of sensitive element in rotational paper pulp consistometerПістун, Євген; Кріль, Богдан; Романюк, Олександр; Кріль, Олександр; Pistun, Yevhen; Kril, Bohdan; Romaniuk, Oleksandr; Kril, Oleksandr
Article20-Jan-2017Measurement of SF6 using GC-ECD: a comparative study on the utilization of CO2-N2 mixture and CH4-Ar mixture as a make-up gasZuas, Oman; Budiman, Harry; Hamim, Nuryatini
Article26-Feb-2019Methodology for Determining the Response Time of Thermo Transducers for Measuring the Temperature of Gas FlowsФединець, Василь; Fedynets, Vasyl
Article26-Feb-2018Monitoring of indoor air in a passenger railway wagonsКапало, П.; Миронюк, Х.; Домніта, Ф.; Бакотю, С.; Kapalo, P.; Myroniuk, Kh.; Domnita, F.; Bacotiu, C.
Article2016Optimization of gas dynamical subsystem of transducers for measurement of gas flow temperatureFedynets, Vasyl; Vasylkivskyi, Ihor; Yusyk, Yaroslav
Article14-Feb-2017Research and analysis of rapidly changing gas flow temperatures measurement methodsВасиль, Фединець; Леонід, Лесовой; Богдан, Чабан; Vasyl, Fedynets; Leonid, Lesovoi; Bohdan, Chaban