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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article18-Sep-2018The fuzzy problem of optimal distribution of passages along the depth of the wellGorbiychuk, M. I.; Lazoriv, O. T.
Conference Abstract2016The method to solving problem of the optimal partitioning sets with additional bonds and fixed centers of subsetsUs, Svetlana; Stanina, Olga
Conference Abstract2015The optimization of databases distribution in a distributed computer networksKrasniuk, Roman
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017The peer land exchange in land readjustment modelsBugaienko, Olena
Article2016The problem of covering the fields by the circles in the task of optimization of observation points for ground videomonitoring systems of forest firesKomyak, V.; Pankratov, A.; Patsuk, V.; Prikhodko, A.
Article20-Mar-2019Theoretical basis of energy efficiency criterion-based optimal control of arc steel melting furnace modes taking into account 3-Dimensional phase current distributionПаранчук, Ярослав; Лозинський, Орест; Марущак, Ярослав; Paranchuk, Yaroslav; Lozynskyi, Orest; Marushchak, Yaroslav
Article2014Tolerance analysis and optimization of linear periodically time-variable circuits based on the frequency symbolic methodShapovalov, Yuriy; Mandziy, Bohdan; Bachyk, Dariya
Article14-Sep-2020Vibration impact and noise protection devices with DVA for wheeled vehiclesDiveev, Bogdan
Article2011Алгоритми виходу з локальних екстремумів у задачах оптимізації розміщення елементів електронних схемБазилевич, Р.; Курейчик, В.; Щерб’юк, І.
Article2014Аналіз математичних моделей планування в мультипроектному середовищіКатренко, А. В.; Магац, А. С.