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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article26-Feb-2018Design of Optimal Filter for Analog SignalФедоришин, Роман; Кльось, Святослав; Савицький, Володимир; Пістун, Євген; Волошин, Мирослав; Fedoryshyn, Roman; Klos, Sviatoslav; Savytskyi, Volodymyr; Pistun, Yevhen; Woloszyn, Miroslaw
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018Development and Implementation of Human Face Alignment and Tracking in Video StreamsZadorozhnii, Yevhen; Tverdokhlib, Yevhenii; Fedoronchak, Tetiana; Myronova, Natalia
Article2009Discrete-continuum modeling of lefs external osteosynthesis mechanicsDiveyev, B.; Olenjuk, J.; Denysyuk, P.
Article2016Dnister PSPP control GNSS network optimizationSavchyn, I.; Duma, M.
Article2016Effectiveness evaluation of discrete macromodelling to forecast power consumption of electric power system component elementsStakhiv, Petro; Kozak, Yuriy; Hoholyuk, Oksana
Article20-Jan-2018Empirical model for optimizing shea butter extraction in an unbaffled vessel equipped with an impellerOmodara, Julius; Ayo, Daniel; Emetere, Moses; Ayoola, Ayodeji
Article2014Features of monitoring the traction transmission of a running electrical complex in the event of its deviation from the scheduleKulagin, Dmytro; Andriyenko, Petro
Conference Abstract28-Feb-2018Intelligent Support for Resource Distribution in Logistic Networks Using Continuous-Domain Genetic AlgorithmsWieczorek, Lukasz; Ignaciuk, Przemyslaw
Article2009Investigation methods of sensitivity in the polioptimal construction to the parameter changesGlowala, S.; Branowski, B.
Article19-Feb-2017Macromodelling as an aproach to short-term load forecasting of electric power system objectsГоголюк, Оксана; Козак, Юрій; Наконечний, Тарас; Стахів, Петро; Hoholyuk, Oksana; Kozak, Yuriy; Nakonechnyy, Taras; Stakhiv, Petro