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article2009Beyond AL2TIO5: AL6TI2O13 and structural models for intergrowth structures in the phase diagram AL2O3 – TIO2Hoffmann, Stefan; Yoshimura, Masahiro
article2009Disorder and diffusion in mayeniteBoysen, Hans; Kaiser-Bischoff, Ines; Lerch, Martin
article2009Equation of state and pressure dependence of lattice parameter of gadolinium gallium garnet crystalsDurygin, A.; Paszkowicz, W.; Buczko, R.; Kaminska, A.; Saxena, S.; Suchocki, A.
article2009Fabrication and study of GdMnO3 multiferroic thin filmsAndreev, N.; Chichkov, V.; Pestun, A.; Mukovskii, Ya.
article2009High-pressure x-ray diffraction techniques: application to determination of the equation of state of selected multicomponent oxidesPaszkowicz, Wojciech
article2009Mechanosynthesis and magnetic properties of nanostructured MnZn ferriteMyndyk, M.; Nasr Isfahani, M. J.; Menzel, D.; Feldhoff, A.; Amighian, J.; Becker, K. D.; Šepelák, V.
article2009New CdLa2(WO4)4:Nd3+ single crystal for lasers: growth and propertiesBaumer, V. N.; Gorobets, Yu. N.; Doroshenko, M. V.; Dobrotvorskaya, M. V.; Kosmyna, M. B.; Mateychenko, P. V.; Nazarenko, B. P.; Puzikov, V. M.; Shekhovtsov, A. N.
article2009Optical absorption and luminescence of chromium doped Gd3Ga5O12 epitaxial filmsZakharko, Ya.; Syvorotka, I. I.; Luchechko, A.; Syvorotka, I. M.; Sugak, D.; Vakiv, M.
article2009Optical spectroscopy of Nd3+ luminescence centres in the Sr4B14O25:Nd crystalPadlyak, B. V.; Ryba-Romanowski, W.; Lisiecki, R.; Oseledchik, Yu. S.; Prosvirnin, A. L.; Kudryavtcev, D. P.; Svitanko, N. V.
article2009Oxygen diffusion mobility in the PrNi1-xFex ceramic seriesRebello, J. S.; Vashook, V. V.; Guth, U.