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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Export import relations dynamics between Ukraine and EUKniaz, Sviatoslav; Kizun, Anastasiia
Article2013Factors affecting the status and development of the energy sector in PolandKardasz, Piotr
Article12-Apr-2018Great Britain’s exit from the European Union: consequences for Northern IrelandДорош, Леся; Мущенко, Яна; Dorosh, Lesia; Mushchenko, Yana
Article2011Managing territorial conflicts in Georgia: Achilles’ heel of the European Union foreign policyMakhashvili, Levan
Article2013Marketing activities on the energy market in the european unionZawada, М.
Article2013Perspectives of Ukrainian Mechanical Engineering DevelopmentDyrda, Evgenia; Schepetkova, Anastasiya; Galushko, Olena
Article2013Perspectives of ukrainian mechanical engineering developmentDyrda, E.; Schepetkova, A.; Galushko, O.
Article2016Prospects of implementation and practice compliance with marketing standards in Ukraine and the EUZhaldak, G.; Shulgina, L.
Article25-Oct-2017Reinforcing the Eastern partnership influence on the transformation of UkraineРослонь, Домініка; Зазуляк, Зоряна; Roslon, Dominika; Zazuliak, Zoriana
Article2016Вплив інформаційного права на процес реформування суспільних відносин в УкраїніЄсімов, С. С.