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Article2016Catalytic activity of binary and triple systems based on redox inactive metal compound, LiSt and additives of monodentate ligands-modifiers: DMF, HMPA and PhOH, in selective ethylbenzene oxidation with dioxygenMatienko, Ludmila; Mosolova, Larisa; Binyukov, Vladimir; Zaikov, Gennady
Article20-Jan-2017Catalytic intensification of the cyclohexane oxidationIvashchuk, Oleksandr
Article2010Cyclohexane oxidation in the presence of cobalt chelatesReutskyy, Viktor; Ivashchuk, Oleksandr; Mudryy, Sergiy; Mitina, Nataliya
Article2012Cyclohexane oxidation in the presence of variable valency metals chelatesIvashchuk, Oleksandr; Reutskyy, Viktor; Mudryy, Sergiy; Zaichenko, Oleksandr; Mitina, Nataliya
Article2013Effect of barium salts on physico-chemical and catalytical properties of Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst for oxidative amonolysis of isobutyl alcoholZhyznevskiy, Vyacheslav; Gumenetskiy, Volodymyr; Matskiv, Olena; Shyshchak, Olena
Article2015Influence of organic additives on catalysts of liquid-phase cyclohexane oxidationMudryy, Sergiy; Reutskyy, Viktor; Ivashchuk, Oleksandr; Suprun, Oleksandr; Ivasiv, Volodymyr
Article2011Iron molybdate catalyst stabilized by calcium oxide for methanol to formaldehyde conversionKostynyuk, Andrew; Nikolenko, Mykola
Article2015Modelling of hydrocarbons catalytic conversion processVed`, Valeriy; Tovazhnyanskiy, Leonid; Krasnokutskiy, Yevgeniy; Koshchiy, Vadim
Article2008Research of action mechanism of catalytic solutions in the oxidization process of cyclohexaneIvashchuk, Oleksandr; Reutskyy, Victor
Article2013Research of influence of the metal nature on the mechanism of polyvinylpyrrolidone metal copolymers synthesisSuberlyak, Oleh; Grytsenko, Oleksandr; Hischak, Krystyna; Hnatchuk, Natalia