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Article20071,3-butadiene and methacrylonitrile obtaining using oxidative conversion of C4 olefins over Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst promoted with BaCl2Gumenetskiy, Volodymyr; Maikova, Svitlana; Zhyznevskiy, Vyacheslav
Article201111th International conference «On frontiers of polymers and advanced materials» (ICFPAM) (Incorporating Biomaterials Africa 2011)Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa; Artsis, Marina
Article201012th European meeting on fire retardant polymersZaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa; Artsis, Marina
Article2011140 years of activity and technological development of the nitroerg companyStanik, Winicjusz
Article200914th International conference for renewable resources and plant biotechnology (Narossa® 2008)Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article201014th International scientific conference on “Polymeric materials”Zaikov, Gennady; Artsis, Marina; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article200915th International conference for Renewable Resources and Plant Biotechnology (NAROSSA® 2009)Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article201016th International conference for renewable resources and plant biotechnology (NAROSSA® 2010)Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa; Artsis, Marina
Article200920th annual recent advances in flame retardancy of polymeric materialsArtsis, Marina; Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article20142D integral formulae and equations for thermoelectroelastic bimaterial with thermally insulated interfacePasternak, Ia. M.; Pasternak, R. M.; Sulym, H. T
Article20126th International conference on “Times of polymer (TOP) and composites”Zaikov, Gennady; Zimina, Lidiya; Artsis, Marina; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article2008A circuit design of a cyclic voltage generatorAshish Bhupatprasad, Chourasia; Deepali Shrikant, Kelkar
Article2012A measuring system based on sensors of magnetic field and temperature with digital signal processingDruzhynin, Anatoliy; Nichkalo, Stepan; Berezhanskyi, Yevhen
Article2015A measuring transducer in the system of technical diagnosis of overhead lines icing in electrical distribution networksKozlovskyi, Oleksandr; Trushakov, Dmytro; Rendzinyak, Serhiy
Article2007A mechanism of Portland cement hardening in the presence of finely grained glass powderShevchenko, Victor; Swierad, Wojciech
Article2015A new approach to the creation of сarbon-polymer nanocomposites with polyethylene as a binderKolesov, Sergei; Bazunova, Marina; Kulish, Elena; Valiev, Denis; Zaikov, Gennady
Article2012A strain sensor resistent to proton irradiationDruzhynin, Anatoliy; Khoverko, Yuriy; Vuitsyk, Andrii; Ostrovskyi, Ihor
Article2014A study of rape-cake extract as eco-friendly vapor phase corrosion inhibitorChygyrynets’, Elena; Vorobyova, Victoria
Article2009A study of vibrational dynamics of poly (α-N-butyl-β-L-aspartate) (PANBLA)Mahendra, Singh; Anuj, Kumar; Naresh, Kumar; Poonam, Tandon; Vishwambhar, Dayal Gupta
Article2014A synthetic approach of d-glucose derivatives: spectral characterization and antimicrobial studiesKawsar, Sarkar; Ferdous, Jannatul; Mostafa, Golam; Manchur, Mohammad