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Article2013Geoinformation technology for spatial inventory of greenhouse gas emissions: electricity and heat generation in PolandTopylko, P.; Lesiv, M.; Bun, R.; Nahorski, Z.; Horabik, J.
Article2012Hempas unconventional materials for a sustainable constructionKidalova, Lucia; Junak, Jozef; Stevulova, Nadezda
Article2012High temperature structure and properties of lithium niobateBoysen, H.; Senyshyn, A.; Sugak, D. Yu.
Article2012Il comune di Milano e le politiche di accoglienza per le donne e le famiglie migrantiColombo, Antonella
Article2012Impact of shape of buildings on energy consumptionGeletka, Vladimír; Sedláková, Anna
Article2013Impact voltage deviation on the technological characteristics of crushersSavchenko, V.; Sinyavsky, A.
Article2013Implementation of corporate social responsibility in the process of strategic managementKorenyev, Е.
Article2012Influence of previous ultrasonication on heterogeneous catalysts activity in oxidation reactionsDemianchuk, Roman; Starchevskyy, Volodymyr; Leochko, Natalia
Article2013Influence of some speed parameters on the dynamics of nonlinear flexural vibrations of a drill columnPukach, P.; Kuzio, I.; Nytrebych, Z.
Article2012Influence of the low-symmetry crystal field on the energy states of CuO crystalsDovhyj, Ya.; Man’kovska, I.
Article2013Information model of Web-gallery taking into account user’s interestsRyshkovets, Yu.; Zhezhnych, P.
Article2013Interaction free energy of small particles in an elektrolyte solutionShostak, S.; Shkoda, N.; Stetsenko, S.
Article2013Internal legal acts that regulate the functioning of the Main Library of Warsaw University of TechnologyJakubiak, M.
Article2002Inźynierskie bazy danych dla małych przedsiębiorstw engineering data bases for small enterprisesWróbel, J.
Autoreferat2010Iндуктивнi методи та алгоритми самоорганiзацiї моделей даних на основi карт КохоненаГодич, Олесь Васильович
Article2013Just In Time. Usługi Biblioteki Akademickiej dostosowane do potrzeb jej użytkownikówStępień, J.
Article2012Kapitały samofinansowania – zasady tworzenia oraz ich rola w przedsiębiorstwieLewicka, B. A.
Article2012Kinetic regularities and features of ultrasound cavitation in water systems containing organic and biological wastleMaksymiv, Nataliya; Shevchuk, Liliya; Starchevskyy, Volodymyr
Article2012Landscape Architecture of the Fortress ZamośćFurlepa, Ewa
Article2013Mathematical model for motion of weighted parts in curled flowBatluk, V.; Basov, M.; Klymets, V.