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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article2001R+А-центри в кристалах флюориту. Механізм утворенняКачан, С. І.
Article1-Mar-2005Research of possibility research of counter – current and co – current multiflux sedimentationKowalski, W.; Zaczyński, M.
Article18-Feb-2004Schedule of investor’s procedure at build wind power plant on example PolandDolega, W.
Article2009Selected problems of CAD education directed for industrial practiceLukaszewicz, С.
Article27-Mar-2001Sh-модель алгоритмуЧеркаський, М.
Article2003Simulation of temperature distribution in thick-film multilayer structuresBlad, G.; Hotra, Z.; Klepacki, D.; Potencki, J.
Article1-Mar-2005Steering mechanical devices by computer operating systemsTytko, A.; Kowalski, J.
Article2009Synthesis attemp and application of the universal principles in desifn of springsBranowski, B.; Glowala, S.
Article1-Mar-2005The comparision of various analytic techniques of the suspensions particles size distribution from enrichment process of copper oreKowalski, W.; Banaś, M.; Roman, M.
Article1-Mar-2005The database of emotional speechGadek, J.
Article1-Mar-2005The various influence of changes of the suspensions concentration on the process of their sedimentationKowalski, W.; Banaś, M.
Article2003Thermal characterisation of skin at acupuncture pointsDziuban, Ewa
Article2003Thermal Properties Of Thick Film Structures Resistor оn DielectricJakukowska, M.; Kalita, W.; Lozbin, V.
Article2001Thick film structure resistor on dielectricGotra, Zenon; Jakubowska, Malgorzata; Szczepanski, Zbiegnew
Article2009Training laboratory for teaching elements of mechatronic on specialsty of manufacturing engineeringBlacharski, W.
Article2009Vibration and sound transmission loss across a sandwich beam with the dynamic vibration absorbersMelnyk, M.; Smolskyy, A.; Sukhorolskyy, M.
Article2009Virtual model of 6-axis bevel and hypoid milling machineSkawinski, P.
Article1-Mar-2005WEB-технології як основа сучасних інформаційних технологій в навчанніПелешко, Д.; Стецюк, А.
Article1-Mar-2005Δ, С-еквівалентні перетворення певних числових матрицьБілонога, Д.; Bilnoga, D.
Article26-Mar-2002Абревіатури в електронній поштіКазимира, Зеновія; Карий, Ігор; Олексів, Галина