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Article20071,3-butadiene and methacrylonitrile obtaining using oxidative conversion of C4 olefins over Fe-Te-Mo-Ox catalyst promoted with BaCl2Gumenetskiy, Volodymyr; Maikova, Svitlana; Zhyznevskiy, Vyacheslav
Article201111th International conference «On frontiers of polymers and advanced materials» (ICFPAM) (Incorporating Biomaterials Africa 2011)Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa; Artsis, Marina
Article19-Feb-2017125-th anniversary of electrical engineering education and science in Lviv Polytechnic (1891–2016)Стахів, Петро; Рендзіняк, Сергій; Гоголюк, Оксана; Stakhiv, Petro; Rendzinyak, Serhiy; Hoholyuk, Oksana
Article201012th European meeting on fire retardant polymersZaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa; Artsis, Marina
Article2011140 years of activity and technological development of the nitroerg companyStanik, Winicjusz
Article201014th International scientific conference on “Polymeric materials”Zaikov, Gennady; Artsis, Marina; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article200915th International conference for Renewable Resources and Plant Biotechnology (NAROSSA® 2009)Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article201016th International conference for renewable resources and plant biotechnology (NAROSSA® 2010)Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa; Artsis, Marina
Conference Abstract29-May-20171D Zinc Nanostructures Obtained by Electrodeposition in Porous TitaniaFerreira, M. G. S.; Starykevich, M.; Salak, A. N.; Ivanou, D. K.; Zheludkevich, M. L.
Article201620 years of cooperation in architectural education between Vienna and LvivSemsroth, Klaus
Article200920th annual recent advances in flame retardancy of polymeric materialsArtsis, Marina; Zaikov, Gennady; Madyuskina, Larisa
Article20142D integral formulae and equations for thermoelectroelastic bimaterial with thermally insulated interfacePasternak, Ia. M.; Pasternak, R. M.; Sulym, H. T
Article20113-D automatic setup of ERT (electrical resistivity tomography) systemŁukowski, J.; Pidvirnyy, O.
Article20103-D-displayOmeltshenko, Svitlana
Article20093-probe microwave measuring instrument of vibration of mechanical objects with non-plane surface 3-probe microwave measuring instrument of vibration of mechanical objects with non-plane surfaceDrobakhin, O. O.; Doronin, A. V.; Grigor’ev, V. V.
Article26-Feb-201930 Years of scientific and pedagogical activity of professor Volodymyr V. NykyforovAndrash, Peter
Conference Abstract29-May-20173D Computer Models of the Ag-{In, Sb}-Sn T-x-y DiagramsLutsyk, V.; Vorob’eva, V.
Article20133D GIS technology more accurate GIS every-day-realityWieczorek, Beata; Sobieraj, Anna
Article20113D mesh viewer using HTML5 technologySawicki, Bartosz; Chaber, Bartosz
Conference Abstract29-May-20173D Model of Phase Diagram for SystemMgO-SiO2-Al2O3 and its ApplicationLutsyk, V.; Zelenaya, A.