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Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018A hundred years of activity of the Association of Polish CitiesGrobelny, Paweł
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Adsorption treatment wastewater from the production oilsDyachok, Vasil; Marakhovska, Anastasiia
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Analysis of Pedestriam Speed of Movement Within Signaled Pedestrian CrossingsHrytsun, Oleh; Davosyr, Vladyslav
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Analysis of the feasibility of using an AC motor with new winding type for building electric vehicleLompart, Yurii; Biletskyi, Yurii
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Analysis of the impact on the environment of cars with gasoline and electric motorsOdnorih, Zoriana; Tymchuk, Ivan; Zhydun, Vasyl
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Antibiotics HABs Treatment: Pro et ContraSoloviy, Christina
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Anticrisis Management GoalsPatsai, Tetiana; Kondrat, Iryna
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Application of biological technologies for purification of industrial water at the "ENZIM" PrATSvyryda, Iryna; Popovych, Olena
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Approaches to Integrated Waste Management System ModelingPohrebennyk, Volodymyr; Koval, Iryna; Dzhumelia, Elvira
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Assessment of parameters of groundwater quality in LvivVaskiv, Vasylyna; Popovych, Olena
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Basic approaches to designing the structures of embedded systemsGrebenyak, Andriy; Lykhotop, Denys
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Central bank in system of national currency and consequences of acces to EurozoneChęciński, Remigiusz
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Colour reproduction with ecological flexographic inksGajadhur, Marta; Skowroński, Paweł
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Comparative Analysis of Different Types of Dynamic Solar Tracking SystemsLuchko, Maryan; Biletskyi, Yuri
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Computer system for video-based Traffic Violation DetectionGuk, B. A.; Morozov, Y. V.
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Computer-Aided Design of Gas Flow Temperature Measurement ErrorsDychuk, Petro; Fedoryshyn, Roman
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Context-aware decision support software serviceSahanovskyi, Vadym; Bochkarov, Oleksii
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Corporate computer network with high level information securityHrabovskyi, Volodymyr; Paramud, Yaroslav
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Correlation Between Structural Parameters and the Charge of Ln-heteroatom Nuclei in Isostructural Salts Na9[Ln(W5O18)2]·35H2O (Ln = Nd, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er)Mariichak, Oleksandra; Oleksii, Yuliia; Baumer, Vyacheslav; Rozantsev, Georgiy; Radio, Serhii
Conference Abstract22-Nov-2018Creating a virtual tour of the main building at Lviv Polytechnic National UniversityRzheuskyi, Antonii; Veretennikova, Nataliia; Laba, Rostyslav; Kunanets, Nataliia