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Article24-Feb-2020An investigation of the climate change impacts on the water resources in IranNorouzi, Nima
Article24-Feb-2020Analysis of the environmental impact of construction by assessing the carbon footprint of buildingsShekhorkina, Svitlana; Savytskyi, Mykola; Yurchenko, Yevhenii; Koval, Olena
Article24-Feb-2020Composting as one of the prospective methods of recycling the organic component of municipal solid wasteStoroshchuk, Ulana; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Tymchuk, Ivan
Article24-Feb-2020Ecological aspects of alcohol industry enterprises modernization at present stage of developmentHavryshko, Marianna; Popovych, Olena; Yaremko, Halyna
Article24-Feb-2020Ecological state of the rivers in the Zhovkva district of the Lviv regionGolodovska, Olena; Kokhalevych, Kateryna; Stokalyuk, Oleh
Article24-Feb-2020Estimation of daily runoff coefficient of the pervious surfaces for the climate conditions of the city of LvivZhuk, Volodymyr; Vovk, Lesya; Mysak, Pavlo
Article24-Feb-2020International scientific environmental research on sustainable industrial development. The life path of dr. Heinz LeuenbergerKrusir, Galina; Sagdeeva, Olga
Article24-Feb-2020Quality level of surface water at the control points of the western bug river (Lviv region)Odnorih, Zoryana; Manko, Roman; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Soloviy, Christina
Article24-Feb-2020The application of Trindex to predict harmful algal blooms in lake torment (Nova scotia, Canada)Hushchyna, Kateryna; Bao, Quoc Vo; Tri, Nguyen-Quang
Article24-Feb-2020Waste management problems in the Ternopil regionStruchok, Volodymyr