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Article1-Feb-2018Assessment of the influence of military activity on the environment at the international peacekeeping and security center through the evaluation of environmental riskOrel, Sergiy; Ivashchenko, Oleksii; Malyovanyy, Myroslav
Article1-Feb-2018Ecological safety predictive modeling concerning fine cocoa dust dispersion, released by confectionery manufactureIurchenko, Valentina; Lebedeva, Elena; Ponomaryova, Svitlana
Article1-Feb-2018Enhancement of environmental security of destruction processes of water pollutants in ecosystems of water treatment plantsRotay, Tetyana
Article1-Feb-2018Environmental biochemical analysis of sulfur compound transformation of natural and technogenic genesisChernysh, Yelizaveta; Plyatsuk, Leonid; Gabbassova, Sabina
Article1-Feb-2018Formation and development of scientific direction of “Ecological safety” as a priority of scientific and pedagogical activity of professor Volodymyr ShmandiyKharlamova, Olena
Article1-Feb-2018Impact of riverbank anthropogenic pollution sources on the formation of river water qualityMagas, Nataliia; Trokhymenko, Hanna
Article1-Feb-2018Impact of weather factors on the speed of the reaction of formaldehyde formation above motorway overpassesSipakov, Rostyslav; Trofimovich, Volodimir; Voloshkina, Olena; Bereznitska, Julia
Article1-Feb-2018Influence of petrol and petroleum components’ vapours on human organismMatskiv, Olena; Chaika, Oksana; Babiak, Lyudmyla; Vasiichuk, Viktor; Shuvar, Natalya
Article1-Feb-2018Mathematical simulation for algal growth in the water reservoirs of Moncton city (New Brunswick, Canada) by the supervised learning classifierSabir, Qurat-Ul An; Nadeem, Muhammad; Nguyen-Quang, Tri
Article1-Feb-2018Multispectral ecological control of biomass of phytoplankton in aqueous media in situ using a quadrocopterKvaterniuk, Serhii; Petruk, Vasyl