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Article20-Mar-2019Analysis of the environmental impact of unsorted culletHurets, Larysa; Kotolevets, Anastasiia; Miakaieva, Hanna; Miakaiev, Oleksandr
Article20-Mar-2019Assessment of heavy metal contamination of the technoecosystem of the Kakhovka main canal of the Kakhovka irrigation systemKhokhlova, Liudmyla; Lukashev, Dmytro
Article20-Mar-2019Conceptual approach to minimalization of environmental hazard for the Pokutsko-Bukovinian CarpathiansMasikevych, Andriy
Article20-Mar-2019Estimation of technogenic load on the surface water of the North-Western Black Sea Coast regionChugai, Angelina; Dzhura, Oksana
Article20-Mar-2019Gaseous emissions purification with the polymer gas-distributing membranes applicationMudrak, Klaudia
Article20-Mar-2019Identifying the potential of using the immobilized microorganisms and periphyton organisms installed on a fibrous carrier of the “Viya” type for biological treatment of industrial wastewater discharged by the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complexDombrovskyi, Kostiantyn; Rylskyi, Oleksander; Gvozdyak, Petro; Krupeu, Kristina
Article20-Mar-2019Improvement of environmental safety of agricultural systems as a result of encapsulated mineral fertilizers implementationSynelnikov, Serhiy; Soloviy, Khrystyna; Tymchuk, Ivan; Malovanyy, Myroslav; Nahurskyy, Oleh
Article20-Mar-2019Increasing the efficiency of the use of thermal power plants waste in road construction and repairMalovanyy, Myroslav; Mozghovyi, Volodymyr; Kutsman, Oleksandr; Baran, Serhii
Article20-Mar-2019Scientific priorities of the development of environmental research in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. The life path of Professor Krusir G. V.Sagdeeva, Olga
Article20-Mar-2019Uranium mining and milling facilities legacy sites: Ukraine case studyDudar, Tamara