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PreviewTypeIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Article18-Sep-2018A model for calculating the variable composition of gaseous fuelsBrunetkin, O. I.; Maksymov, M. V.
Article18-Sep-2018About the nature of universality of methods of combinatorial optimizationTimofeeva, N. K.
Article18-Sep-2018Adaptive pseudoinverse model-based control of some memoryless SIMO and MIMO systemsZhiteckii, L. S.; Solovchuk, K. Yu.
Article18-Sep-2018Application of capacity sensors for monitoring the quality of drinking waterVanko, Volodymyr
Article18-Sep-2018Application of pulse-width modulator for thermal plant controlFedoryshyn, R. M.; Savytskyi, V. K.; Pistun, Y. P.; Klos, S. R.
Article18-Sep-2018Automation of compound feed productionMarkopolskyi, V. O.; Matus, S. K.; Stetsenko, A. M.
Article18-Sep-2018Basic requirements to channel-forming equipment at mobile missile systems automationSerbin, V. V.; Taraskin, N. V.; Sukhyi, V. V.
Article18-Sep-2018Computational analysis of method of detecting of periodic points in nonlinear dynamical systemsFranzheva, E. D.
Article18-Sep-2018Device for measuring the temperature of rotating objectsStepanyak, M. V.; Stepanyak, M. M.
Article18-Sep-2018Errors in the measurement of small phase shifts with binary samplingBuchma, Ihor
Article18-Sep-2018Estimation of the structure of the mixed forest stands of Stryisko-Syanska Verkhovyna using gis technologiesKorol, M.; Havryliuk, S.; Tokar, O.; Vovk, O.; Kolyasa, L.
Article18-Sep-2018Flow velocity measurement in open channels using computer visionMuran, R. O.
Article18-Sep-2018Fuzzy regulator synthesis in microclimate control system in the greenhousesPylypenko, O.; Dudnyk, A.; Zaets, N.; Lysenko, V.
Article18-Sep-2018Identification of drones in a defined territoryNakonechnyy, A.; Berezhnyi, I.
Article18-Sep-2018Improvement of control system for pH of ammonium nitrate solutionKrykh, H. B.; Matiko, H. F.; Stasiuk, I. D.
Article18-Sep-2018Improvement of methods of automated control of accuracy of color register of imprints on sheet-fed pressKazmirovych, O. R.; Kazmirovych, R. V.
Article18-Sep-2018Intelligent algorithms for automation of biotechnical objectsLysenko, V. P.; Reshetiuk, V. M.
Article18-Sep-2018Investigation of a crystal-optical temperature sensor for automation systemsStepanyak, M. V.; Stepanyak, M. M.
Article18-Sep-2018Investigation of transient processes in multi-compressor facilities for air compressionKokoshko, R. V.; Kril, O. V.; Kril, B. A.
Article18-Sep-2018Mathematical description of the asynchronous two-machine aggregate with a rotating inductorLutsio, V. V.; Silvestrov, A. M.; Boryak, B. R.